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Juicer Mpostori eyes regional market

By Moffat Mungazi

Forgotten yesteryear hotshot Juicer Mpostori is working his way back into the limelight amid revelations that he is putting final touches on four singles due for release early this year.

Juicer Mpostori
Juicer Mpostori

Although it looked like the Zimunya-bred singer had disappeared from the music radar, he was actually hyperactive as he made a national breakthrough by taking his music to other parts of the country, especially the remote ones.

This has seen him visiting farflunf places such as Victoria Falls among others. The move has indeed paid off as his melodies penetrated beyond Zimbabwean borders to command listenership in Zambia.

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While at that, he continued churning out more hits with “Waida Mari Yangu”, “Ndiudze” and “Ndega Musango” to his name last year; the latter track chronicling the struggles that life and entertainment industry jungles are.

Speaking to The Weekender recently, Juicer Mpostori explained his “silence”; saying he is keen to build on the new momentum.

“I have never quit music, neither do I have any intentions of slowing down. Since my last recordings I have continued working hard, making forays across the entire breadth of Zimbabwe in an effort to spread my wings.

“Subsequently, I have been to such places as Murehwa, Chihota, Bindura, Mazowe, Chegutu, Beatrice and Chivhu holding live shows. This is ongoing because it is a whirlwind tour that my team and I are eager to go regional to countries like Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa,” revealed the artiste, born Wiriranai Maenda Chakoroma.

The “Benitah” hit-maker also revealed that he was reloading his music arsenal and ready to bombard the leisure landscape with a discography of nuclear proportions in 2020, highlighting that his lyrics and sound have matured over the years.

“Those interested in my music can always look forward to new and interesting stuff. Presently, something fresh is in the offing where I shall be singing about what is relevant today and which future generations can always relate to — maybe not now but when they eventually get to understand it all. I am going through a cycle and will always emerge out of it better.

“Already, four singles — “KuGweru”, “Huyai”, “Maria”, “Tambira” — are done and dusted in the studio. We have loads of new material enough to make up as many as three full albums, but will release them as singles, one at a moment any time from now.

“Collaborations between me and the likes of Tony Dee, Mustaff, Pringo Bindura, Carlos Green, Lady Lindsay and the big one with Roki should also be expected.

“The ultimate goal is to make Mutare more visible on the national music map,” he added. The Manica Post