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I’m still grieving – Selmor

Diva Selmor Mtukudzi is no doubt a hard working songbird who has defied numerous challenges to be her own lady.

Selmor Mtukudzi
Selmor Mtukudzi

Unquestionably the heiress to the Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi throne, Selmor says she has learnt to shush and work hard.

And if she were to make some noise, she would let her works do so as she takes the back seat taking stock of her achievements.

Today, is both a special and painful day to the mother of three as we remember her departed father who died last year aged 66 on this date. May Tuku’s soul rest in eternal peace!

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As we clock 12 solid months without Tuku, H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TK) spoke to Selmor Mtukudzi (SM) who is yet to recover from the loss.

Selmor says the wound is still as fresh as yesterday but she gets comfort from the Lord and friends to the late singer.

However, Selmor does not like being drawn into discussing family politics, feuds and of course inheritance issues as she want to focus on building her empire. Read on…

TK: How best can you describe the past 12 months without your father?

SM: It’s been very difficult. I don’t think I have had the chance to actually mourn my father.

He was loved by so many people and so when most see me they want to share their Tuku story with me and yet I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that he is gone.

It shocks me every time I’m reminded that he is gone.

TK: What do you miss most from him?

SM: He would call on my birthday every year and sing the birthday song on the phone. He did that with all of us his kids.

TK: What was the last piece of advice he gave you that you wish to keep and follow?

SM: Ramba uchishanda, zvedu zvinononoka asi zvinozoita chete.

TK: As the heiress to the Tuku throne, how are you managing to keep his legacy alive?

SM: It’s still work in progress. I will continue to remind people of what an amazing artiste we had and what wonderful music he left us through my performances for as long as God allows me.

TK: How are you handling the pressure that comes with trying to keep your father’s legacy alive as well as building your own profile?

SM: I never allow myself to be pressured at all. I do what I can whenever I can, as long as I stay true to myself- it is one of the lessons that I learned from dad, that just be yourself and people will love you for who you really are.

TK: How are you going to mark your father’s first anniversary on January 23?

SM: I wrote a song for him which I will release on the 23rd.

TK: What’s your piece of advice to fellow daughters and sons of departed legends in your situation?

SM: Be yourself and follow your dreams. Do whatever you can to not let your father/mother’s work die with them. Keep their music alive and by so doing you’ll always carry them in your heart for as long as you live.

TK: Besides your single that you are going to release on January 23 and Dehwe reNzou album due for released this month-end what else have you put in place to mark the commemorations?

SM: I will be releasing a song I wrote for dad called ‘Mandidzimbira’.

TK: How do you console yourself each time you think of your father?

Pall bearers carry the casket bearing the late National Hero Oliver Mtukudzi to the final resting place in Madziwa last year

SM: I’m not there yet. I cry.

TK: If your dad was to be given another chance to live, what would you want him to do for you, your family and the nation?

SM: Nothing. He did all he could. I’d just want him to stay alive longer.

TK: Where do you get your strength to keep going as well as keeping your late father’s legacy going?

SM: Prayer helps me a lot. And I have an amazing support system in place, my husband Tendai, my sister Sandra, my mother, my aunts, my in-laws and also my father’s fans who have come to support me too.

TK: As a mother, mentor and artistes how are you managing these roles?

SM: I don’t have a formula, I just do what I can. But I do make sure that I prioritise my children.

NB: Selmor Milestones…

Selmor is no doubt the people’s favourite to the Tuku throne.

A year after the death of her father, Selmor has stepped up efforts to keep her late father’s legacy alive.

She has been holding a series of live shows both locally, regionally and internationally under the Tuku Music banner.

Buoyed by the support she gets from the former Black Spirits stalwarts like Picky Kasamba and Never Mpofu, her ship is now steady as they are raring to go.

Her first album after Tuku’s death titled Dehwe reNzou will be out on January 31.

The diva’s main sponsors – Impala Car Rental – have made her journey easy by fulfilling their promise.

In return, Selmor has been an exemplary brand ambassador who has proved her worth.

However, it is the loss of her father which is still taking its toll on the diva each time she thinks of him. May Tuku’s soul rest in power! H-Metro