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Sheriff raids Zifa offices in Harare over US$209 460 debt

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

The Zifa offices in Harare were raided by the Sheriff of the High Court on Wednesday and movable office property was attached over a US$209 460 debt the association has owed LED Travel and Tours since 2012.

ZIFA House in Harare
ZIFA House in Harare

The debt was accrued during the Cuthbert Dube era, with a writ of execution issued on June 24, 2015.

In a statement yesterday, Zifa confirmed that some of its movable property was attached before expressing “our grave concern over the growing acts of interference and sabotage designed to cripple our operations, particularly when national teams were in camp”.

“Zifa would like to inform all stakeholders that some of our property was removed by the Sheriff of the High Court over a debt to LED Travel and Tours accrued in 2012.

“The unfortunate development came as a surprise to the association since the creditor was paid and acknowledged receipt of the payment.

“The association is gravely concerned by growing acts of interference and sabotage designed to cripple our operations particularly during periods when we have national teams in camp.

“This is not the first time that some creditors have targeted the association’s movable assets and bank accounts when there are national team assignments,” read the Zifa statement.

It also emerged that on July 7, 2017, legal representatives of Led wrote to the Sheriff indicating that the writ be not executed since payment had been made.

“We must hasten to highlight that it is the association’s responsibility to pay its creditors, but we cannot extinguish the debt overnight. We have been working round the clock to ensure that the debt now amounting to millions of dollars, which was accrued over the past eight years, is serviced.

“We sympathise with our creditors, but we are working on a plan to service the debt. We are aware of a cartel that is fighting to dislodge the current Zifa leadership and the entire council.

“As the Zifa board and council, we will continue to protect football in Zimbabwe and ensure that there is harmony and unity in football.

“This cartel, which has joined hands with some creditors, are targeting funds from Fifa meant for development of football in general. This has completely paralysed Zifa operations.

“However, we would want to extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, sponsors and well-wishers, who have promised to fight for football until the storm is over.

“We thank them for the continued support. Lastly, we want to urge our creditors to be patient with us as we embark on a fruitful engagement plan.

“We have declared year 2020 as a year of working for football and we are so hopeful that the storm is coming to an end and football must always be the winner,” Zifa said.

According to Zifa lawyer Chenaimoyo Gumiro, an application was lodged with the High Court of Harare to have the attached properties returned to 53 Livingstone Avenue. The Chronicle