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Selmor to unveil ‘Dehwe reNzou’

By Kundai Marunya

Selmor Mtukudzi is set to end a five-year sabbatical with the release of a new album, “Dehwe reNzou”, on January 31.


The crooner will release her sixth album in the Robbie Mupawose (R.M) Garden Hall, in the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS), formerly the Harare Agricultural Showgrounds.

Selmor has been doing well since the death of her father, Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi in January last year.

She toured a number of countries including Australia, United Kingdom and South Africa, as she continues to showcase her talent while thrilling some of her late father’s followers.

Explaining the album title, Selmor said: “When an animal is slaughtered, people take away the meat, offals and legs (mazondo) to eat but the skin is left as a reminder that there once was an animal like this.

“This skin can be used as a mat or a blanket to shield people from the cold.”

She said she wrote the songs following the experiences she encountered following the death of her father.

“I have gone through a lot since the passing on of my father. During the year, I have been putting my experiences and feelings into song.

“The album is a mixture of both new compositions and songs I wrote many years ago.

“It’s a very emotional album for me; that’s why I decided to release it in the month that my dad passed,” she said.

The 11 track album was recorded in South Africa, and has a track which features Vusi Mahlasela.

Said Selmor: “We recorded ‘Dehwe reNzou’ at Steve Dyer Tribe Studio and it was produced by Steve Dyer.”

Dyer was a close friend of the late Dr Mtukudzi.

They worked together on different projects.

“It was a great experience working with Steve (Dyer) on an album for the first time. I learnt a lot from him and I am grateful that he wanted to work with me too,” said Mtukudzi.

“It took us a week to record the album but we are now finalising mixing and mastering.”

Mtukudzi said the album has different songs that speaks on different situations.

“I cannot choose among my songs because they all speak to me in different ways. I don’t have a favourite. I will publish the names of the songs soon,” she said.

Selmor said she will announce shortly if a gig will be staged this month in memory of her father. The Herald