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Sex pest head torments subordinate . . . Sends suggestive texts to married co-worker

By Gibson Mhaka

A headmaster at a primary school in Gokwe learnt the hard way that the state of being senior at work can’t really buy love when a fellow married teacher turned down his love proposal before she reported him to her husband.

Godwin Sungayi
Godwin Sungayi

Godwin Sungayi, a headmaster at Rugare Primary School from Chizororo Village under Chief Gumunyu was reportedly turned into an epitome of shame when his married subordinate (name withheld) rebuffed his offer to have an affair with him in no uncertain terms.

It is reported that the woman, who apparently didn’t take kindly to the proposal, reported the matter to her husband, resulting in the hurt and embarrassed headmaster going into hiding.

According to a source, after the woman told her husband what her boss was up to, he took a day off and went to the school to confront the alleged home wrecker in the making.

The source said before the victim reported him to her husband, Sungayi, had tried several times to share his feelings with her, but she was always refusing to entertain him until he decided to send her detailed texts of his fantasies.

“He (Sungayi) really learnt a difficult and painful lesson. What happened is that he sent a string of messages to the married teacher’s phone, detailing his love for her. The woman who seemed to have been annoyed by the love text messages forwarded them to her husband who came and confronted Sungayi.

“Before he was confronted him with the saucy messages, Sungayi went into hiding and only came back after the woman’s husband threatened to take the matter to the District Education Offices,” said the source, adding that the incident left a nasty burn on Sungayi.

Added the source: “The matter was later resolved by the village head Machibirika at the instigation of some teachers who felt that if it reached the District Education Offices it was going to put Sungayi in deep trouble”.

It is reported that after being summoned by the village head, an apologetic Sungayi admitted that he had sent romantic text messages to his married subordinate.

He however, defended himself saying they were just “clean” jokes he deliberately shared with his workmate for enjoyment.

When reached for comment Sungayi denied that the incriminating messages were affectionate.

“Yes, I was summoned by the village head over the matter but it was not true that the messages were meant to have an affair with her and that is why the village head just counselled and encouraged us to work amicably,” said Sungayi. B-Metro