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Man attacked at court

By Arron Nyamayaro and Lisa Mandewo

There was drama at Mbare Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday when two sisters attacked a man married to their sister soon after leaving the courtroom.

Angelista and Caroline Kahari beat up Washington Tsiga, who took to his heels to seek refuge at Mbare Police Camp, where the two gave chase wanting to assault him, drawing the attention of Mbare Police Camp residents.

“Unotopabva chete pamba ipapo haungagare neh*re rako pamba pandakatsvagira mwana wamai vangu,” Angelista shouted as she attacked Tsiga.

Angelista running after Tsiga
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“You will never find peace there because you have caused untold suffering to my sister zvekusara awondoroka kudai,” she shouted while being handcuffed by a police detail.

Angelista attacks Washington Tsiga
Angelista attacks Washington Tsiga

Caroline too, slapped Tsiga soon after leaving court and she was also arrested.

Irked by their arrest, Angeline and Caroline continued kicking Tsiga.

Angelista and Caroline in cuffs

The two were taken to Mbare Police Station. H-Metro