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Jean Gasho: Black People, please stop celebrating things which are supposed to be normal to us? Miss Universe?

By Mary Tamar was Jean (formerly Jean Gasho) | Jean Gasho.com |

It saddens me a little, the things that black people are forced to celebrate.

South African beauty queen Zozibini Tunzi was crowned the 2019 Miss Universe (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)
South African beauty queen Zozibini Tunzi was crowned the 2019 Miss Universe (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

A black South African woman with her own hair goes on a beauty pageant and wins it, and we are all celebrating, not the win itself, but the fact that a dark-skinned woman with her own hair on her head won… A black woman looking like a black woman is now something so unusual, we have to celebrate it. Am I the only one who is very disturbed by this.

O black people, the most wretched of all races on earth. How far behind are we, that we have a party because one of our women looked normal, and she was rewarded for it.

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The fact that her own hair and skin is the historical thing about Zozibini Tunzi winning the most famous beauty pageant on earth is pitiful, to say the least. I really hate the things that we are forced to celebrate.

I remember a few years ago, after my foolish first husband made me homeless and I was left without even a vacuum cleaner or dustpan. I had to find a house, and furniture it from scratch. It was tough for me, it took me about a year to finally have everything in the house. One thing I had to do without for a while was a vacuum cleaner. When I finally bought one, I was so excited.

A black woman who looks likes this is a wonder to black people
A black woman who looks likes this is a wonder to black people

During that time, I had a white woman who had become my best friend. She came from a very wealthy family, lived in mansions all her life, went to boarding school. What brought us together was our belief that some black people are the true Hebrews. Her love for black people made her a literal “black sheep” of her family, so we also had that in common as well. We were very like-minded, but still, no matter how close we were, I was still a black woman and she was a privileged white woman, and so often without realizing it, she reminded me of her white power and my black disadvantage.

So when I bought the vacuum cleaner, I couldn’t wait to tell her, because she used to bring her own to my house to clean for me. So for me, buying a vacuum cleaner was a testimony.

So when she came over, I was like, “Oh sis, I finally bought a vacuum cleaner. God is so good.” She saw the excitement on my face, and kind of rolled her eyes and laughed and said, “Hurray” in a mocking sarcastic tone.

My bubble was just burst, and I stopped celebrating the vacuum cleaner “testimony” and looked at her.

She noticed that I was offended, and tried to be funny, “Oh sorry sis, it’s just that we women we celebrate the weirdest things. We celebrate buying a vacuum cleaner, that’s just sad.”

I looked at her, and I knew what she was saying. I wasn’t stupid and she knew it. She wasn’t stupid either.

So I said to her,” Yeah it’s sad, but me being a black woman makes it sadder I suppose.” Uncomfortably, she changed the conversation.

And I told myself that that was the last time I would ever make a fool of myself like that in front of a white person. I can’t celebrate the things which are normal, especially in front of them. Why give them a reason to laugh and mock us?

I said to God never ever will I beg for things which are supposed to be given to me freely, like what black people do. They go to church to pray for a house and car. They celebrate buying gucci clothes. They are a wonder to other races.

Do you realize what a laughing stock we are to white people when we celebrate a black woman wearing her own hair in her own skin? Do we realize that it even gives them more power and keeps them on top because it confirms how pathetic we truly see ourselves?

Yes, we are simply telling them that black women are so pathetic, they hate themselves so much that they would rather have straight long hair like Becky, so it’s so shocking to see a black woman enter a beauty pageant with her own hair, let alone win it! God, that should call for a global celebration. History has been made! Honestly, If I wasn’t black, I would spend my life literally laughing at black people, this kind of “shit” is entertaining to the none black thinkers.

As a race, you can’t celebrate the most natural normal thing which is supposed to be your best asset. It means the rest of ya’ll aren’t normal. I gave birth to my 6 children naturally. That is how God designed a woman, to birth her children naturally. Now, why should I come out and congratulate myself, make all sorts of memes and motivational quotes, weep and be all emotional that I gave birth naturally and normally? Is that not a strange thing to make a big deal out of. So how can a woman wearing her own hair be such a big shocking celebration within the black community?

Black women in their thousands took to twitter in their amazement that a black woman with her own hair had won Miss Universe.

“I was still shook that we have a black girl with natural short hair as Miss South Africa and she went and became Miss Universe!!! Against the status quo. A breath of fresh air. CHANGE!!! ” Kolisa Yola Sinyanya, Twitter

“A dark skin black woman with short natural hair won not only miss SA but miss universe. the importance of that is not lost on me at all” Foyin, Twitter

Dear black people, there are some things that are not worth putting out there. It’s just so embarrassing. Some of these pathetic celebrations should be done behind closed doors, not in front of all and sundry.

Just learn to own your “shit” confidently if you ever want to be a dominant race in this white world. Just act normal, and stop always using your race as something to be pitied.

Dear black people, when something good happens to you, just OWN IT! End of. No pity party, just OWN your shit for Pete’s sake.

A black woman who looks black and not white won Miss Universe. That’s not supposed to be a big deal. Celebrate her. Congratulate her. Talk about how beautiful she is. Out there, behave like she deserved it, that there is nothing “shocking” about her win. Don’t start turning the win into a “Oh look at the poor little black girl who looks black, how on earth did she win?”

And I guess she also didn’t help the matter, she wants the pity party as well, before she got off the stage. she had already started talking about how a woman like her was always seen as ugly because she had her own hair and skin.

“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. I think that it is time that that stops today.” Miss Universe 2019

No sweetheart, it won’t stop today, not until women like you stop going on about how different you are to the rest of the black women. Just own the moment, and act normal!

Bless her, she means well, she wants change, but because of women like her, the vicious circle of the wretched black woman continues…

How sad…

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