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Zim hip-hop artist Diego Tryno delays album release…. manager blames power cuts

By Victor Richards

Hip-hop artist Diego T Chikombeka a.k.a Diego Tryno received a backlash from his fans after failing to release his album ‘Stories Age Vol 2’ as he had promised months ago.

Diego T Chikombeka a.k.a Diego Tryno
Diego T Chikombeka a.k.a Diego Tryno

The 21-year-old posted on his Facebook page ‘’December 1st you will get Stories’’ on a post which seems to have been removed. The date came and went and no album was to be seen.

‘‘I believed Stories would be my Christmas story book and the album ain’t drop,’ one fan wrote. Another added.” “Is it data bundles or just mere ignorance Tryno?’’

He went silent on social media until Thursday when his management posted an apology to his fans.

His manager Trissha Jones said that the delay was unexpected but due to power cuts, they have been struggling to find studio time to correct the errors and she admitted to being at fault.

‘’We noticed that there was something wrong with our quality several weeks ago and we decided to correct it, but we always found the studio closed because of electricity power cuts, however, I believe if we had put an extra effort, we wouldn’t be in this predicament,’’ she said.

Diego T Chikombeka a.k.a Diego Tryno
Diego T Chikombeka a.k.a Diego Tryno

Jones said they have engaged another studio and the album will be released as soon as possible

‘’We engaged other producers and other studios and soon all the necessary corrections will be done, the album will be released sooner than it looks, we just don’t want to give our supporters the exact date as yet to avoid a similar situation repeating itself.’’

‘’Diego is still up and coming and for that reason we don’t have the intention to be on the bad side of our supporters, we sincerely apologise to those who felt we didn’t respect them and those who were inconvenienced by our actions,” she added.

Diego Tryno’s new track ‘’Cooler Box’’ which featured Yung Deaf Lee, is currently topping national radio chart shows such as Hevoi Fm where it was in last week’s top 10.

The track is a taste of his newly self-appointed genre ‘Urban Contemporary’ and his management believe this is why fans couldn’t wait for the new album.