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Chivayo application deferred

By Lesleigh Chidawanyika

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivhayo’s application for alteration of his bail conditions was deferred to December 5 for ruling.

Wicknell Chivayo with his lawyers Wilson Manase and Advocate Lewis Uriri

Chivayo, through his lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri, had applied for the retention of his tittle deeds arguing that he was facing economic challenges hence he needed them (title deeds) for him to access loans.

In trying to please the court, Advocate Uriri said Chivayo’s co-accused Stanley Kazhanje was granted $100 bail and had no reporting condition which he said should have applied to his client since there was no reason to differentiate the two.

Prosecutor Brian Vito contested the application indicating that Advocate Uriri had failed to place evidence before the Court which shows how Chivayo has been prejudiced in his business by the retention of his tittle deed.

“Your worship no evidence has been placed in this honourable court, which shows how the accused has been affected.

“We need evidence to support the claims not just a bold allegation that he needed it to recapitalise his business, bribery is a serious offence which attracts a custodial sentence.

The trial is set for Monday next week and no proper explanation has been given for the timing of the application,” said Vito.

He added that the retention of the tittle deed was unacceptable as it was acting as the only way of securing Chivayo for trial next week.

Magistrate Christopher Maturure deferred the matter to December 5.

Allegations are against Chivayo are that sometime in 2013, ZPC called for bids for the construction of the Gwanda Solar Project plant and Chivayo’s firm applied.

On October 22, 2015, the ZPC board held a meeting where Kazhanje allegedly directed management to proceed in signing a contract with Intratrek Zimbabwe.

It is further alleged that the following day, a contract was signed between ZPC and Intratrek Zimbabwe.

Chivayo, on January 21, 2016 allegedly transferred $10 000 from Intratrek Zimbabwe’s bank account into Kazhanje’s personal Barclays Bank account.

It is claimed that after the payment of $10 000, Kazhanje later influenced the ZPC board to pass resolutions in favour of the accused in connection with the ZPC contract. H-Metro