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Power outage leaves Kwekwe without water

A major electrical fault at Kwekwe Waterworks has resulted in the city going for two days without water, but Zesa Holdings hoped to have the fault fixed by yesterday to allowing pumping to resume.

City of Kwekwe
City of Kwekwe

Mayor Angeline Kasipo said the city had not been pumping water for two days due to the electricity fault.

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) southern region manager Engineer King Dube, who confirmed the electrical fault, said engineers were working on the fault and that supplies were likely to be restored yesterday.

“There is an electricity fault in Kwekwe and it is being attended to. We have not disconnected power to the plant as some people have been suggesting. I think we will have rectified the fault by close of business today,” he said.

Eng Dube said although Kwekwe City Council owed Zesa millions they preferred to explore other options to recover the money instead of cutting off power.

“We cannot switch off power at the water works, we have to find other alternatives,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents were worried.

“In Kwekwe we normally don’t have problems so we do not have a lot boreholes or those protected wells we see in other cities.

“We are now relying on rain water that we collected from our roofs but it is not safe.

“We if the problem is not resolved soon there will be a diseases outbreak,” said Mrs Miliscent Moyo of Mbizo Section 11.

Another resident Mr Amon Ndlovu said the local authority should consider using water bowsers to supply residents with water. The Herald