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Born to lead: Meet new Gems Captain

New Gems captain, Felisitus Kwangwa has become a force to reckon with in Zimbabwe netball.

Zimbabwe Senior Netball Team Goal Defender Felistas Kwangw
Zimbabwe Senior Netball Team Goal Defender Felistas Kwangwa

She becomes the sixth player to lead the senior team. Having to lead the young Gems for five years and named the first captain of Correctional Services Queens despite being the youngest in the team, at the age of 19.

Kwangwa took over the captaincy from Perpetual Siyachitema who called it quits after their remarkable World Cup participation in July.

Her first assignment was the Africa Netball Championships where they finished fourth.

H-Metro’s SHELLY GUNI caught up with Kwangwa as she shares her profile….read on

Name: Felisitus

Surname: Kwangwa

Nickname: ZIM 1 or Minister of defence

Dirt of Birth: 9 March 1995

Age: 24

Height: 1.73m

Shoe size: 8

Favourite Food: Sadza, beef stew and vegetables.

Hobbies: Reading novels and watching movies.

Favourites Position (on the field): GD.

RANL Team: Correctional Services Queens.

What do you love most about Correctional? Even if we have our personal differences come match day we will be one and moreover defeat is not part and parcel of the team’s culture.

Funniest team mate: Edinah Nyamazha.

Ever won any title with your club? Yes, two times in a row and this year it will be the third time.

Your sporting hero? Laura Geitz (former Australian netball player and former captain).

What song would you play to pump your team before match? Muchatichengeta baba.

Any pre-match rituals? Prayer.

Any pre game superstitions? None but always ready to compete.

Favourite sport besides netball? Athletics

Who is your toughest individual opponent? No longer playing but it was Paidamoyo Tinoza

What would you spend your last $50 on? Netball trainers.

On a deserted island, what would be your three essentials? Food, WiFi and a netball court

In a movie about your life, what role would you play and why? Most focused and determined character so as to inspire someone.

Who has had the most influence on your sporting career? Menfree Tanyanyiwa.

What team do you love beating the most? ZRP Team (Mambas)

Greatest sporting achievement? Being a player of the match twice at the 2019 World Cup.

How did you get into netball? My primary school teacher forced me to play because I was good in athletics, soccer and volleyball so she thought I might be good as well in netball

What do you think being a leader on the court has helped you in your day to day life? Being a captain has helped me to be responsible, courageous and also neutral when it comes to solving differences amongst team mates. I now have self-confidence and can stand in front of a large group which I could not do before.

Do you think you were born to be a leader? I think I was born to be one. Since at primary I have been a captain. The first captain of Correctional Queens despite being the youngest in the team. I have also been the young Gems captain since 2012-2016, I was appointed the vice-captain for the senior national team when I was 19 in 2014.

How monument was the achievement at the world cup? That has been my major goal to achieve after leading the junior team qualify for the junior World Cup and failing to go for the tournament because of age. I told myself that it was my time to make history again and Glory be to God, I also helped the team to qualify for the senior World Cup and managed to do exceptionally good throughout the tournament and only lagging behind from a senior player crowned the player of the tournament by two interceptions only.

How important was the tournament experience? Very important, as I learnt a few skills and also helping the team to gain experience which is the major challenge that the team is suffering from.

Best advice you have been given in your career? Be focused and determined. Moreover if you want to be the best be disciplined.

What course are you studying? Economic History.

What can you say to people who think sport people are not learned? I would love to say to them people are different and so their talents. But as for me I am pursuing both academically and sport wise.

Your advice to other aspiring athletes? Keep on playing you never made a mistake by choosing netball. It can change your life.

Life after netball? Being the best Economic Historian ever and also the best sport scientists. H-Metro