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Enzo redeems self with new single

By Wayne Chiridza

ZIMDANCEHALL artiste Enzo Ishall whose fans are up in arms with for apparently changing his music style, seems to have quickly redeemed himself with the release of a song titled Mucheka Unocheka yesterday.

Enzo Ishall - Mucheka Unocheka (Ndipe Mic / Nginikez' Mic Episode 6)
Enzo Ishall – Mucheka Unocheka (Ndipe Mic / Nginikez’ Mic Episode 6)

On the song which is a clear continuation of hit Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka, which was embraced by many, Enzo reverted to his music style which made him popular.

The song teaches people how to dress.

Upon listening to the track, fans who had been complaining about the Highest Score song which they felt was not Enzo’s style as they were convinced that his new bosses at Passion Java Records were changing him, started applauding Enzo for going back to his old self.

But from the comments, it is clear Enzo’s fans are happy with the make-up Mucheka Unocheka song. One fan commented urging Enzo to be his original self and not change himself to impress his new boss, Prophet Java, who runs the Passion Java Records which Enzo is now signed under.

“Stay original. Don’t aim to please your bosses, your fans come first because they are the ones who raise you up or pull you down. This is the Enzo Ishall we know, not the one who sang Highest Score,” commented Rufaro Tapa.

“Yes, it’s good to try new things, but if it fails, don’t do it again. This is the real highest score which is what he should stick to as we all like him for his originality. On the other song, he was trying to be someone he is not,” said Liberty Mavhiya. The Chronicle