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Waiting well –  Why expect a six pack after one month of gym?

By Yaya Rudo

I really do not like it when weddings and parties do not start according to the time stated on invitations. I am embarrassed to say even my chances of hearing the word diminish when I have to wait for a church service to start. I do not like waiting. As you try to turn lemons into lemonade there shall be seasons that push you to wait no quick solutions.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

Have you noticed that even when we know we have been messing up for years, making wrong choices, hurting others and destroying relationships when we finally see the light we want change right away. We even put in a prayer in the morning and expect God to answer by lunch time. We just cannot wait let alone wait well.

I learnt to wait well from the passport office visits. I dreaded going there, before I even left my house, my creative mind pictured the long slow moving lines and the not so fresh smelling office passages on a heat-wave ridden October afternoon. I have improved in my waiting but clearly waiting well is not easy for me. Lemonade makers worth their salt have to be patient and wait.

Most of us do not score well in the waiting well department. I see the not waiting well creeping in to health and wellness matters in my life. I know it took me more than a year to develop kadumbu (big tummy) yet I still seem to expect a six pack after one month of gym. We need to learn to wait and not just wait but wait well.

Waiting well means pursuing solutions not complaining.Waiting well means respecting self and others. If you find yourself looking down on others as you wait –you are not waiting well. Waiting well does not happen on its own, it is a choice. You can choose to have your blood pressure shoot up as you wait impatiently, pacing, shouting, belittling others and trying to change things that you cannot change. I hope you decide to wait well.

So what do Lemonade makers need to do in order to wait well? The answer is simple, ‘“Keep Busy”. People who wait well keep themselves occupied. Waiting well is about continuing to do the right things even when there is no immediate benefit or positive outcome.

When I have to wait I try to wait well by writing. I write for this column, a business idea or a chapter for my next book .I now cover a lot of writing ground while waiting for the bride to arrive, the birthday girl who is not even at her own party venue, the groom who is running late, busy paediatric and physiotherapy rooms. The waiting may take hours, months or even years you need to fill that time with something productive. I have been writing a lot since adopting this waiting well attitude – I am ready for the next passport office visit!

Lemonade makers waiting well are not sitting by their phones waiting to hear the sound of a cash deposit. Lemonade makers waiting well are busy following other business and job leads. Lemonade makers are busy trying to figure out how they can monetize their talents or strategizing on how they can provide solutions to the problems around them.

I raise my glass to lemonade makers determined to wait well. 

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