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Chillspot, Yala Nation fight escalates

By Taonga Nyemba and Praise Masvosva

The war between two stables Chillspot Records and Yalanation Studios might have moved to another level after the recent fight, which took place.

Tichawona Ganyau a.k.a Horror

The two stables have been exchanging blows on and off social media.

Yalanation Studios’ publicist Damson George has issued a statement dismissing allegations that they were first to attack the Chillspot stable.

He said they would not be quiet after Levels had launched a direct attack on Seh Calaz.

“This level of stupidity and buffoonery can’t go unchallenged by attacking Seh Calaz you are also attacking his fans and how they respond or retaliate is beyond our control.

“There is no finished artist who holds local, regional and international shows month in, month out. He has been dissed by some of the Chillspot Records artists but has maintained his cool and has never responded.

“Yalanation Studios was not opened to be a profit venture it’s a CSR project meant to help the ghetto youths who were not getting an opportunity at other studios due to lack of funds,’’ said George.

Yalanation publicist went on to say Chillspot records must accept the fact that they are now two studios in Mbare and they must not personalise the genre.

“Chillspot Records must accept and get used to the fact that there is another studio in Mbare giving ghetto youths an opportunity without treating them like slaves.

“Chillspot Records must know that they don’t own Zimdancehall and that Zimdancehall is bigger than what their small heads and minds can comprehend.

“Artistes like Seh Calaz and others made Chillspot Records the household name it is when Levels was still in the village herding cattle, their threats and insults mean nothing we will not tolerate that nonsense anymore,” he said.

“We need to debunk the myth they are creating that they own the industry,” he added.

When contacted for comment Chillspot’s Levels said Calaz’s publicist was a joker.

“Uyu unorwara we will not make any further comments as Chillspot,” said Levels

Fans have lately divided over the issue as it seems like what is being said about Chillspot Records is true however, some have stood with the with the Fantan led stable. H Metro