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Gringo’s wife hails Pokello

…hospital bill NOT yet settled…actor’s health complicated

By Edwin Nhukarume

Ailing actor Lazurus “Gringo” Boora’s wife Netsai Meki has praised socialite Pokello Nare for chipping in with some of the money for his hospital bills.

Pokello Nare
Pokello Nare

Gringo is currently admitted at CitiMed Hospital in Chitungwiza.

Lately, social media has been awash with information that Pokello had paid RTGS18000 in assisting hospital expenses for the veteran actor.

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However, Meki revealed the real figure of the amount paid by Pokello and she thanked her for the effort while she also cited she still needs more help for hospital bills as they are accumulating daily.

“I would like to thank Pokello for helping us by paying some of the expenses for the hospital bills.

“She has done a great thing. She has paid RTGS12100 for the surgery and RTGS2000 for deposit. In total she paid RTGS14100.

“It would be misleading to say that she has paid RTGS18000 and saying that all the hospital bills have been settled,” said Meki who said her husband’s was on the mend.

“My husband is still in the hospital and is on drip since he has lost a lot of fluids in his body.

“At the moment we owe the hospital about RTGS10 000 for the time he is spending on the drip and the amount could increase since he will be on the drip for some time.

“There are a lot of bills to be paid so we cannot give the actual figure of the amount that is needed at the moment,” she told H-Metro.

Meki said she also wants to thank Gringo’s employer at Sabi Bananas for helping them in this difficult time.

“I would like to give thanks to Mr Bvumbire who has been standing with us since this problem started.

“He has helped us to get to the hospital and paying some of the expenses. So far his help has been tremendous,” said Meki.

Gringo’s wife said her husband sickness is not appendix as reported earlier on social media but another complication that includes the malfunctioning of intestines.

“He is not suffering from appendix but there has been a problem with his large and small intestines that had swollen, blocked and twisted.

“However, he is recovering,” she said.

Meanwhile, there are people who are planning fundraising gigs to help Gringo, a noble ideal to assist Gringo.

However, the actor’s family spokesperson Tendai Chaipa said they are not aware of those gigs.

“We are yet to receive such kind of information about those fundraising gigs.

“That would be great if there is such an initiative to help the Boora family in this predicament.

“But as you know there are also people who could try to use this situation for their benefit,” said Chaipa. H-Metro