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Mudiwa narrates labour experience

… ‘I now have reason to live for’

By Esther Madambi

Flamboyant rapper Mudiwa Mutandwa is now a father.

Mudiwa HoodBetter known as Mudiwa Hood, the award-winning artiste welcomed Mudiwa Jnr Cristian Hood yesterday at the Avenues Clinic in Harare.

In an interview, Mudiwa said he has never been happier and excited before.

Mudiwa’s wife during pregnancy
Mudiwa’s wife during pregnancy

“This was the best (moment) I have ever had in my life, priceless is the right word!

“I was with my wife the entire time she was in labour and I learnt that women should be respected, our mothers and sisters should be respected.

“God made them special I have grown new respect for them am happy I experienced the best experience ever, witnessing Mudiwa Jnr’s birth.

“The experience is unexplainable God is faithful kani imi.

“It’s really amazing to be a father, I now have something to live for, this young man will get everything as long as I breathe.

“I will put out official pictures of him on his Official Instagram account, will announce soon his account.

“Well for now, my wife asked for some privacy which I respect so I cannot post now but eventually we will,” said Mudiwa.

He added:

“To Stunner, Bless him, He is blessed with two beautiful babies, I am sure he understands the pride of being a father.

“I am happy for him, I guess he understands now that God loves us all including him, even those who have not yet have their moments, their time will come.

“Do not laugh at those who are not yet there, God will show sooner than later on their side.

“God’s delay is not denial, time and chance happen to them all according to the bible.

“I wish to have three kids, but remember I am not in this beautiful and wonderful marriage alone so with time we will decide between me and Mrs Hood.” H-Metro