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Yaya Rudo: Be bold take responsibility- zvimwe ngati bvumewo please

By Yaya Rudo

I have spent many years by the soccer fields, hockey fields and tennis courts supporting my children and my teams. I admire how most athletes take responsibility especially for bad results.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

We struggle with taking responsibility in many areas of life. I wish this stance by sports people could rub off to all the other areas of life because taking responsibility affects the speed at which one starts making lemonade.

When athletes say they did not play well, attack effectively or simply admit that the other team was stronger or more organized it empowers them for the future. They go home aware of what they need to work on to improve.

My son recently lost a tennis match (he was expected to win) he lost it 6:0 in the third set. My view as an objective supporter and mom was clear – the boy just did not play well from the second set. He was rushing, looked tired and made far too many unforced errors.  The energy and zeal of the first set had disappeared.

I was impressed by how the 13 year old confirmed my assessment of his match without me prompting him. In short he said ” I sucked today, I could not get my serve to work I was slow to the ball”.

Remember teens “know everything and they are always right” – it was good to see him take responsibility right away. It was not just a matter of accepting poor play but he was very specific about the things that had cost him the game. This is how it should be in life too, stop trying to look perfect take responsibility for your not so amusing choices and turns in life.

The blame games delay healing and progress.  We need to learn to take responsibility- zvimwe zvinhu ngatibvumewo. It is very frustrating to try help someone who refuses to take responsibility.

The painful truth is that we are where we are mainly because of the choices we have made the great and not so great choices. We can not only take responsibility for the good choices we made. The good the bad and the ugly most of us have been there. I do not know anyone who has made perfect choices in all areas of life therefore there is no need to pretend we have it all together. 

The quicker we dump the blame game the sooner we grow as lemonade makers. Just as much as athletes acknowledge that their midfield was weak or the return of serve was poor we must do the same. Laugh at self and acknowledge you were young and clueless if it applies.  Whatever you do take responsibility acknowledge your contribution to the mess you face now. 

I raise my glass to lemonade makers who take responsibility for their actions.

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