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Mapanzure on UK tour

By Taonga Nyemba

China based singer Garry Mapanzure will next month cement his musical romance with fans in the United Kingdom with a series of shows.

China based Zimbabwean singer Garry Mapanzure
China based Zimbabwean singer Garry Mapanzure

Mapanzure, who has recently held a countrywide tour back home alongside Hillzy, is set for the UK and starts the tour in Coventry.

The Wapunza singer said it was all systems go ahead of the tour.

“I am a bit nervous but I have everything in order, we have a number of acts which are likely to be surprises.

“The Legacy Tour with Hillzy was successful and I look forward to another successful tour in the UK,” said Mapanzure.

After this tour, he is set to return to the UK early next year for more gigs.

“I have a number of singles but before I embark on the tour I need to have more music to deliver to my fans.

“Lately, I have been performing in different places all over the world and I have new music coming as well,” he said. H-Metro