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Jailed musician strengthens band

…I will pick it from where I left

By Praise Masvosva

Jailed Too Open band member has encouraged band members to remain united as he serves his jail term.

Emmanuel Kumire (R) with Suluman Chimbetu
Emmanuel Kumire (R) with Suluman Chimbetu

Emmanuel Kumire is serving a jail term at the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison after he was convicted of fraud.

He was involved in a botched US$5 000 deal.

In an interview with H-Metro during the actors, soccer legends and musicians’ tour of the Chikurubi Maximum Prison, Kumire said:

“I am serving my jail term here at Chikurubi but I want to tell my band members to remain united.

“I will pick it from where we left and these days I am writing songs so that when I finish serving my prison term I will then record the songs.

“I also want to tell my family to stick together, being jailed does not mean it’s the end of the road.”

He added:

“Some of the people out there are just there because they have not been caught and also same applies to some who are here have been convicted while they are innocent.

“Everyone can come here, zvinowanikwa kumunhu wese izvi but I am urging people who are outside to remain united, loving and to be to law abiding citizens.

“Jail is not a place to be my brother but ndozviripo we are just accepting the situation and remaining focused.”

The entertainer also told this publication that he once shared the stage with Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Suluman Chimbetu and Progress Chipfumo among others. H-Metro