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I don’t take drugs: Ras Caleb

By Latwell Nyangu

Zim Dancehall chanter Ras Caleb says he doesn’t take drugs as perceived by many people.

Zimdancehall singer Ras Caleb
Zimdancehall singer Ras Caleb

In fact, the Rascal Dread – as the chanter is fondly known – reckons that people mistake him for drug addicts yet he follows the Rastafari way of life.

“People don’t know me, some last heard about Tokwe Mukosi and they think they have heard everything from the Rascal Dread.

“I don’t do drugs waiziva, I drink beer but you can see how misinformed people are; I don’t do Mutoriro, Ngoma, mapiritsi aye and other drugs.

“I drink beer and smoke like any Rastaman should do and I seek the Lord, God, alcohol and love are my drugs,” he said.

Ras Caleb insists he is not yet a spent force.

“Vamwe vanenge vachiti Ras Caleb apera, then vamwe vanenge vachitonditenda from abroad.

“People are sending me British Pounds just to support my music.

“We have got too much music, including Chikorobho and if people are following my music they will not be talking all this.

“Check the relevance of my music in people’s lives, what it achieves and my music is like medicine.

“It’s only the marketing that was lacking but people will get to know as we are packaging and uploading music on the social media platforms,” added Ras Caleb.

The dreadlocked chanter said artistes should start embracing technological developments.

“Putting music on the social media is a development which we couldn’t do before, why should we continue donating music to piracy.

“I defend righteous music and ndiMwari anotungamira.

“Mostly, I have singles because Zimdancehall is all about riddims where in 2015 I released Rascals Manuscript which was nominated for Zimdancehall awards in 2016.

“I have an album called Miriyani Miriyani which I did about two years back and last year I dropped Reggae Dispensation of which for singles I have many,” he said.

Ras Caleb said he is busy uploading his projects on his Youtube page Ras Caleb

Asked if he eats meat, he said:

“Yes I follow Rastafarian as a way of life but as an African we were hunters and gatherers, so meat eating is good with me.”

Ras Caleb said he is the sanity of Zimdancehall and reggae.

“The music is real as it talks about real life including Tsviramo-a song which addresses our never ending poverty and xenophobia attacks.

“The new project talks about the current situation in South Africa.

“In this time people need to listen to real music, I know sometimes it’s difficult to face reality but this is music with emancipation because check from Ras Caleb Miriyani Miriyani , it talks about dream chases, Reggae dispensation which is informative , educative carries a lot of perspectives.

“Tsviramo talks about real situation, a lot of art are not dealing with reality but there are a lot of fantasy so to keep the music relevant that’s why I am here.

“I am also perfecting my band performance and I am also into environmental projects like Save the Falls,” said Ras Caleb.

Born Caleb Tareka, the chanter has a number of singles to his credit namely.

Nehanda, Hazvimbonetse, Tokwe Mukosi, Zimbhadha, Ndikuudze Something, Varamba Marasta, Vatete, Ndichengetei, Rasta, Xenophobia, Peace and Justice, Nomore trouble, Murombo Munhu and Jungle among others. H-Metro