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Mugabe’s death reunites the dying G40, NPF empire

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

At the peak of factionalism in Zimbabwe, Generation 40 (G40) had an upper hand, with the former first Lady Grace Mugabe as their centre of power.

Patrick Zhuwao seen here with Jonathan Moyo (centre) and Saviour Kasukuwere
Patrick Zhuwao seen here with Jonathan Moyo (centre) and Saviour Kasukuwere

Their consulate was left exposed after the November 2017 military intervention, and most of them ran for cover into foreign countries.

After the burial of former President Robert Mugabe their empire, however, seems to be on the come back, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

The dying G40 corral is now set for revival purportedly under the auspices of Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao using the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of South Africa as a springboard.

It is expected to also incorporate the long forgotten National Patriotic Front (NPF) formerly led by retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri as evidenced by the party’s heavy presence at the burial of Mugabe on Saturday.

The NPF, founded on November 19, 2017 by leaders of the G40 and included the likes of Mutinhiri, Eunice Sandi Moyo and other expelled Zanu-PF leaders, is expected to reunite with Grace Mugabe for another political cause.

Sources told Zim Morning Post that the G40 ally, Julius Malema, was scheduled to attend the National Heroes Acre event which he snubbed, only coming afterwards to offer his last respect to former President Robert Mugabe.

“Malema was scheduled to attend the National Heroes Acre event which he snubbed and decided to come on his own. When he addressed journalists at the Blue Roof, it was clear that he had a G40 narrative,” said the source.

Speaking at the Blue Roof, Malema urged government to respect Grace’s wishes, adding that they were tantamount to Mugabe’s.

“Part of protecting his legacy first and foremost is to respect the wishes of his family. It is absolute nonsense that you think declaring a person a national hero takes away the right of the family over the deceased.

“Every little detail of what we want to have around a dead body should be consulted with the family. There is a very strong surviving spouse here, who is not easily broken by arrivalist, so they ought to respect the wishes of this woman (sic),” Malema added.

During interment of the former President, Kasukuwere, one of the prominent G40 leaders, made it clear that the G40 would rekindle to finish off a political mission.

“Go well, Gushungo. Thank you for the service to your great country and Africa. Your burial is unfinished business and hope we will all have the courage to do what is right for our country. Fellow countrymen, let’s Stop & Think !” Kasukuwere wrote in a tweet.

Currently, the EFF is reportedly giving G40 leaders a launch pad to revive their political ambitions.

Zhuwao is on record accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa at an EFF memorial service held in South Africa for tormenting the late former President, charging he had called him a traitor.

“He did not die in Zimbabwe because of Emmerson Mnangagwa. They tormented him. They made him suffer and decided to call him a traitor,” he said. Zim Morning Post