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Fans to grill Vimbai

By Esther Madambi

Netherlands based diva Vimbai Zimuto is set to an up close and personal interaction with fans on October 2 at Jasen Mphepho Little Theatre in Harare.

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto

In an interview, the Vimbai said she wants to meet her fans and have some time with them.

“I am doing an up close and personal set.

“I will be performing and interact with all my fans who will be able to attend the event.

“I am doing this because my fans don’t really know who I am and what I do.

“So the people who will come will have time to ask me some questions about my brand, and my music,” said Vimbai.

She added:

“The event is going to be small, cosy and very intimate.

“This is the reason why I chose the Jasen Mphepho Little Theatre; it’s closed and has room for something intimate and cosy.

“I will be performing as well, it’s just me and my fans.” H-Metro