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Honda fit robbers on the run

By Andile Tshuma

A Chinese man was yesterday morning robbed of over US$1 500 and a cellphone after suspected armed robbers staged a car accident before forcefully taking away his belongings and speeding off.

armed robberyBarely an hour later, the gang that was driving in a black Honda Fit allegedly robbed a Founders High School pupil of a cellphone, US$10 and RTGS $40.

The incidents occurred in Donnington yesterday morning.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday said police were investigating the robberies.

“I can confirm that we are dealing with a case whereby a Chinese national residing in Zimbabwe was robbed of his money and a cellphone by a crew of robbers travelling in a Honda Fit vehicle. We are looking for information that may lead to the arrest of the three suspects on the run who are harassing members of the public and robbing them of their properties,” said Inspector Ncube.

He urged the public to report any suspicious Honda Fit vehicles operating in the city.

“We have not yet established the registration numbers of the vehicle. However, members of the public are urged to report to the nearest police station or call 0292 885479 to report any suspicious looking Honda Fit vehicle, especially in areas near Donnington, Montrose and Founders areas,” said Inspector Ncube.

“The Chinese national was robbed of US$1 595 and an iPhone. The thugs were trailing him. They came to a sudden halt and accused him of bumping his car into theirs. During the confusion, they pounced on him and robbed him of the money and also took away his cellphone and sped off,” he said.

Inspector Ncube said the same crew pounced on a pupil who was waiting for transport along Dundee Drive near his school.

“A Founders High School pupil fell prey to the thugs who just stopped their vehicle behind him, manhandled him and took away his possessions before they left,” said Inspector Ncube.

He said police were conducting raids on the Honda Fit vehicle type, as they were linked to most criminal activities in the city.

“The Honda Fit vehicle continues to be a nuisance in the city and a lot of crimes are committed with the vehicle being the getaway car,” he said.

Meanwhile, Paddonhurst suburb residents have also been troubled by a red Honda Fit that targets women and whose crew robs people in broad daylight.

Some people have reported attacks as early as 5PM as they walk home after work.

“We have problems with two Honda Fit vehicles, a red one and a black one. There could be more but the two I have mentioned are talk of the suburb. Women are now living in fear,” said Mr Sibangilizwe Luthuli, a Paddonhurst resident. The Chronicle