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Ray Vines mocks Zim dancehall

By Edwin Nhukarume

RISING comedian Ray Vines, who is attracting thousands of views on social media, recently released a hilarious comedy skit dissing most of the current Zim dancehall artistes.

Rising comedian Ray Vines
Rising comedian Ray Vines

The skit which features the popular chanter Soul Jah Love shows Ray Vines exposing the lack of creativity and deep message in the genre.

In the video, the talented comedian makes a comparison of the early days when Zim dancehall was on the peak and the current situation.

The first part of the video shows Jah Love doing a freestyle showing his lyrical prowess representing the early days of Zimdancehall industry.

Whereas on the other part the comedian represents the new school in mockery as he appears in the video wearing a short only without anything on his upper body while having a dog on a leash.

Ray Vines makes barking sounds on a dancehall instrumental while being cheered by the audience.

The skit has been applauded by many people on the social media platforms as it powerfully narrates the evolving of Zim dancehall from when it started up to this period.

Though there is a clear intention of mocking in his skit Ray Vines said the skit’s intention is for comic entertainment.

“There is no intended message. It is just comedy,” said Ray Vines.

However, the way he was dressed in the video has been likened to one of the rising Zim dancehall artistes who is making strides in the industry.

Many social media audiences have endorsed his piece of art as close to the real events happening in Zim dancehall. H-Metro