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Disturbances trigger gig cancellation

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Organisers of the most popular out-door music event dubbed Madirirano have said the recent gig was their last edition after it was marred by disturbances caused by bouncers who manhandled revellers.

Simbarashe Chakare
Simbarashe Chakare

The event was organised by Simbarashe Chakare, affectionately known as Bodyslam, and was held at Takashinga Cricket Club in Highfield, Harare, last Saturday.

Chakare condemned the bouncers’ conduct.

“The bouncers were a menace. There were 15 of them. They came and forcibly took over the gates and started collecting all the money, we could not stop them. I later reported the matter to the police.

“They blocked the entrance and barred people from moving in or out and this angered some revellers. I decided to open the gate and let people in for free because the situation had degenerated into chaos.

“I was hurt and that is when we took a decision to discontinue hosting this event. I know we have people who are sympathising with us and urging us to reconsider but our minds are made up. We were deeply hurt by what happened,” he said.

He said they are only going to fulfil the United Kingdom edition of the show scheduled to take place next week.

“We are now waiting for our visas to go to the UK on August 24 for Madirirano UK then we done. Its sad development but that I what it is,” he said

Chakare said something must be done to deal with bouncers who are well known for gate crushing events and causing chaos.

He said the matter was being handled by Machipisa police station where about 20 cases of thefts, harassment and assaults have been reported.

Contacted for comment, National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said his office was yet to be appraised of the case, adding that he would seek an update from the concerned station.

The show saw Zimdancehall musicians like Seh Calaz, Bazooka, Killer T, Enzo Ishall sharing the stage with some of local hiphop’s finest who include T-Gonzi. The Herald