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Witchcraft accusation earns maid a hiding

By Shelton Masina

A 42-year-old man bashed his maid who labelled him a wizard following a dispute between the maid and his wife.

Joseph Burombo and his wife
Joseph Burombo and his wife

Joseph Burombo (42) from ZRP Pumula Flats assaulted Shamiso Matipedza (22) after she accused him of being a wizard and in possession of goblins.

The events of 26 July at around 7pm when Matipedza and Burombo’s wife had a misunderstanding over a gas stove unfolded at the Western Commonage Courts before magistrate Urgent Vundla.

It was proved that at the height of an argument between the maid and her boss, Burombo intervened on his wife’s side and started shouting at Matipedza accusing her of troubling his wife.

Burombo then went on to assault Matipedza with open hands on the left cheek and neck several times.

After the assault, the complainant who sustained injuries was referred to United Bulawayo Hospitals for medication. The matter was later reported to the police leading to Burombo’s arrest.

In mitigation a remorseful Burombo told the court that he lost his temper after his domestic worker accused him of being a wizard. Vundla fined Burombo $100 (or 30 days in prison).

Sithembiso Moyo prosecuted. B-Metro