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Maskiri back with a scorcher

RAPPER Maskiri — born Alishias Musimbe — has bounced back with a 10-track album titled “Come Back” which has taken a new dimension from his previous projects.


The album is likely to be a cut above his previous releases as it carries songs done in various genres.

Maskiri roped in various artistes including the late Fortune Muparutsa, who produced a bonus track called “Huya Tisangane”.

It also includes a sungura track “PaJoni” that was recorded by veteran producer Dumisani Sibanda.

On the song, Maskiri proved his creative edge as he infused his rapping prowess with the sungura beat.

He flawlessly sings about the experiences faced by a young woman, who was invited across the Limpopo by her sister on the pretext that she was going to be afforded employment, only to be forced into sex work.

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Maskiri also assumed the role of a social counsellor on his latest album especially on the second track “Vakadzi” and the fifth song “Mukoma Joze”.

Tateguru, as Maskiri calls himself, sings about abuse in his song “Vakadzi” urging men to desist from mistreating their wives.

He also sings about the need for respecting matrimonial unions.

On the track, “Mukoma Joze”, Maskiri advises people about the consequences of finding love on social media, which he says is full of cheats and falsehoods.

Maskiri also roped in the services of Nox and Tyfa on the track “Ndiregerere”.

This is not the first time that Maskiri has done a song with Nox after they produced a number of songs on his previous albums.

Maskiri has been on the record saying he was no longer making music with dirty lyrics.

“I know that I have courted controversy at times but not always. I am giving you my best offering coming from a period where I learnt a lot. I have grown up now and have matured,” he said.

Other songs to look forward to on the album are “N’anga”, “Huya Tisangane”, “Mabhuru”, “Ndiregerere” and “Panotisa” featuring Rigging Monster. The Herald