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Collabos pay off for Chawira

By Kundai Marunya

Rising gospel musician Letty Chawira is basking in glory after a string of collaborations with some West African musicians.

Letty Chawira
Letty Chawira

The songbird, who worked with Nigerian producer Ifeanyi on her forthcoming album “Second Chance” said she has been receiving requests to stage live performances in the West African country.

“I have been getting fair recognition in Nigeria since the release of my album earlier this year,” she said in an interview.

“My producer Ifeanyi has been pushing my music in West Africa which earned me much acknowledgement in his country.

“Of late, I have been in talks with promoters from Nigeria who want me to tour the country.” Chawira said she will tour Nigeria after sealing agreements with promoters.

“We are still negotiating for a tour of Nigeria. I will announce tour dates once everything has been finalised,” she said.

Locally, “Matesitimony” and “Zvakadaro” have been topping gospel music charts on several radio stations.

Video of the song “Zvakadaro” has been receiving many hits on YouTube while gaining ground on various social media platforms.

“I do enjoy being appreciated abroad. But, what really makes me happy is the impact I have at home,” she said.

“It is a blessing being appreciated in the motherland. I hope my music will change the lives of those who are listening to it and voting it for it on various gospel charts.”

Chawira, who started music in 2008 and has three albums to her name, expressed appreciation to people who have been instrumental in the growth of her career.

“I have worked with various producers all of whom have been crucial in building my career. Although I am reaping rewards in West Africa, I do appreciate the work being done by locals especially Mono Mukundu,” she said.

Chawira worked with Mono on her two album “Mbiri Ndeyenyu” and “Vesai Moto.” She is working on a DVD to be released later this year. The Herald