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Job Sikhala spotted in Gutu in the company of heavily armed police

MDC Vice chairman Job Sikhala was spotted at Mukute Inn in Gutu late this afternoon, where he bought a plate of sadza in the company of heavily armed police in plain clothes.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

They were driving four vehicles, a Toyota Virgo with no plates while the other had Reg. No. AEC-6220. The third was a Toyota Quantum Reg. No. AED-4881.

A passer-by who was taking pictures was thrown into yet another Toyota Quantum Reg. No. AEC-5221 It is not known where they were taken to.

Sikhala was “formally charged with attempting to overthrow the government unconstitutionally”, his lawyer Obey Shava confirmed, saying his client denied the charges.

Sikhala, the MDC MP for Zengeza West, allegedly said in a speech at a rally on Saturday that the party would unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa before the next election.

“We are going to overthrow him (Mnangagwa) before 2023,” Sikhala was quoted as saying.