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I’ve been single for six years: Butterphly

Popular television and radio personality Butterphly Phunk has revealed that she has been single for the past six years.

Tariro Mharapara a.k.a Butterphly Phunk
Tariro Mharapara a.k.a Butterphly Phunk

A mother of two, Butterphly has opened up on her love life.

However, she is not looking for love as she has revealed that she has finally found someone.

In a wide-ranging interview with H-Metro reporter Taonga Nyemba (TN), Butterphly Phunk (BTP) who starred in Big Brother Africa House in 2015 divulged how the reality show gave her solace during the period she was single. Read on…

TN: Give me your brief background?

BTP: My Name is Tariro Sarudzai Mharapara, I was born on the 6th of June on a cold winter morning.

Actually, I don’t know if it was a cold winter morning (laughs), when I was a kid, I always wanted to be famous.

I didn’t know what I actually wanted to do but I would sit in the wardrobe and do an interview like Oprah.

I just forgot it I thought I would actually become an interior designer or novelist because I liked writing a lot.

I became a radio presenter when I was 19 even though I still pursue writing and designing.

I got two kids a boy and a girl and yeah, I am not married anymore.

TN: How did you come up with the name Butterphly Phunk?

BTP: I wish there was an elaborative story about how I came about my name but in short, it is a series of coincidences that made me realise this was my destiny.

And I can say my mom had already named me before I even knew it, the Phunk I came about it because Facebook wouldn’t allow me to be called Butterphly without a surname.

TN: Your childhood was it privileged?

BTP: I would say my childhood was mixed, like I went to a government school and I also went to an elite school so I can say I had the best of both worlds.

I experienced both sides of the world so I would say I was privileged not in the normal sense of the word but, it was privileged because I got to experience everything various aspects of life.

TN: What is your embarrassing childhood memory?

BTP: I was that kid who always did embarrassing things so, I wouldn’t pin point the exact moment which was most embarrassing.

But I remember in high school there was this guy I thought was cute so I started telling people we are going out then he confronted me in front of people, he told me to stop it. I was really humiliated even though he told me to stop it in a civilised way.

TN: What made you want to venture into radio and TV?

BTP: As I mentioned earlier, I had this crazy desire to become famous, I didn’t know how I was going to do it whether I was going to be an actress or whatever but as I waited to go to university, I thought I would venture into television.

So, there was this time I heard of auditions on radio and I was like I will use the opportunity as a bridge to get to tv, it wasn’t like a calling.

TN: How would others describe you?
BTP: I think growing up people used to say I was strange and loud so it I used to be like okay they are noticing me whatever.

Then as I got older, I started embracing that weirdness to me it does feel like that I feel like I’m unique and yeah people still think I am weird.

TN: If you were to hire someone for the same job you have, what would you look for?

BTP: I will definitely look for someone who embraces individuality, someone who bows against mediocrity who bows against these norms imprisoned by society

TN: As presenter what’s your secret to a successful career?

BTP: When you are a presenter you need to find what you good at, you need to find your vibe.

You know they are some sexy nice presenters with nice voices such that when they say things people are like oh my gosh wow so basically its about finding where your strength lies.

So, for me it’s about finding my vibe and rocking it always.

TN: How do you balance Tv and radio?

BTP: So far, it’s actually easy balancing the two, I work so early in the morning and by nine I am usually done with my show and then I do other things in the office so by 12 I’m usually done.

Schedule wise it’s very easy to balance the two also it’s about commitment and it’s also easy balancing the two because they complement each other.

With radio you learn how to flow on tv and tv makes you like super famous when you walking people will be like ko ndiwe?

TN: What advice would you give to young people who would like to become tv and radio presenters?

BTP: I would advise them to be sure that is exactly what you want then you have to really like what you do, as a presenter you have to find the thing you like.

TN: How did your Big Brother Africa experience shape your career?

BTS: Before leaving for Big Brother I was so heartbroken so, going to Big Brother I felt like I was reborn.

It made me regain confidence, it empowered me and I took the opportunity of rebirth because honestly, I had lost faith in myself in being creative it also helped me to be outspoken.

TN: Was there anything you learnt from the Big Brother Africa experience?

BTS: People expected me to do weird things drinking or kissing someone in the house in order to get noticed but I kept in mind what my mom told me, she always told me a good name is worth far more than silver and gold.

I am happy I got out and I still have a good reputation out there.

TN: Do you think Big Brother Africa is of importance when it comes to African entertainment?

BTS: It is super important for African entertainment for the one performing not knowing the ones watching, what happens is whether you leave the first week or not it’s like Africa has been introduced to you.

You can go an extra mile; I can be a singer or anything and it becomes easy engaging with Africans.

TN: How is your life as a single mom and public figure?

BTS: Honestly, I do not know how to answer the question because I have never been a single mom who was never a public figure.

I was a public figure then I became a mom and no one really knows of my personal life. I do not put my kids out there.

But then I face challenges just like other single moms, I face the struggles and happiness as well.

TN: Are you dating?

BTS: I have been single for the past six years but now I have someone I am actually I love with so, I guess yes.

TN: What are your future aspirations?

BTS: I have a lot of aspirations like I have told you growing up I had a lot of things in mind, I think I would like to bring entertainment to the next level showing how awesome our celebrities are.

Like bringing a celebrity culture which we get to know what our celebs are up to what they eat and stuff it’s like the world standard now.

TN: What’s your annoying habit?

BTS: Procrastination is one of my most annoying habits and I think I am too nice that people end up walking on me that’s one of the most annoying habits about me.

TN: Who is your inspiration?

BTS: I draw inspiration from a lot of people, I don’t believe in drawing inspiration from one person, I will draw inspiration from Lil Wayne and all these different people.

Not just people but nature and animals that’s where I draw inspiration from.

TN: How much time do you spend in front of the mirror each morning?

BTS: When I was kid, I used to have two mirrors one in my bag one in my pocket, I would look at myself always even when I got to the radio thing.

Even mutown I used to know nzvimbo dzine mamirror kuti ukafamba nemuna Samora padhuze nepazesa panotori neglass rinokuburisa last number but I think I am kinda over it now.

TN: Who does your wardrobe?

BTS: I do my own my wardrobe, I do not put much emphasis on buying clothes these days. I think I have much bigger priorities now even though when I get to see an outfit I think I would like I would design it and go to the tailor ndoti sha ndisoterewo this.

That’s how I roll.

TN: How do you keep yourself fit?

BTS: I don’t at all, I walk around a lot like to my office from the ZBC gate is a kilometre so I get to exercise.

Actually, I do not deliberately work out but who knows July could be actually my month.

TN: Your hairdo who does your hair?

BTS: I am very loyal when it come to my hair, there is a guy called Taku he is like the boss he does my dreadlocks and I will keep like the same guy who cuts my hair.

They understand me like I am picky at times I will be like rudunura apa ita izvi so If you already have someone who knows your character haazo bhowekana.

TN: What would you think would be a good theme song of your life?

BTS: I think I will have a DJ mix a 15-minute DJ mix, because no song can describe my life my guy.

Sometimes I fall in love deeply and uncontrollably, some times I have fun, drinking so, I think a DJ mix would do because sometimes I can be Zimdancehall, Opera in fact all genres mixed.

TN: Special shout outs?

BTS: I want to say a big shout out to everyone who genuinely support me like it’s just the craziest thing when you walk in the market and have a five-year-old and 70-year old cheering you like mwanangu unondinakidza you know.

I also want to say shout out to all those people who really like me and allow me into their cars and house in their ears every morning when I am on radio, when I am on Tv it really makes me happy.

Special shout out to y’all. H-Metro