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Chipezeze under fire

By Fiona Ruzha

Under-fire Warriors goalkeeper Elvis Chipezeze was yesterday forced to delete his apology on Twitter after fans accused him of being arrogant and later posted another one.

Goalkeeper Elvis Chipezeze
Goalkeeper Elvis Chipezeze

The blundering goalkeeper then received some positive comments though some continued to criticise him.

In his first tweet, Chipezeze has said: “Even people criticise or judge me, I have learned from these incidents. We are human and we make mistakes but learning from them is what makes the difference…gutted with performance.’

And in his new tweet, he said: “I am here today to again apologize for the mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my nation and my teammates also not forgetting the technical staff.’

The Baroka FC had a poor show in the team’s 4-0 humiliation against DR Congo Sunday night and has received wide criticism.

However, after his apology, some fans sympathised with the goalie.

Here are some of the comments from the fans:

@mangamadhibha1: Even if you had blocked every attempt we still wouldn’t have qualified anyway because the result would have been a nil-nil draw. It’s about the whole team not an individual!

@Zeeflexwushe: Dont apologise. You’re a professional and such things happen in sport. Hold your head up high and go and reach higher standard! You’re a champ.

@IshamelMaz: Apologies accepted youngman BUT have comfort in that it was a team effort and not just you. Don`t take it personal at all. Learn and rise from that. You must be proud to have represented your country at that level.

@mbaraja_tumayi: This guy is now stressed. Yes we are disappointed but let’s leave some space for him to find a reason to see another day. I am trying to imagine myself in his position with the whole nation criticising me.

@MlamboProf: We allow make mistakes. Those who don’t make mistakes don’t try. You tried your best and I’m sure you have learnt from it. Pick yourself up and continue developing your skills. All the best for your future young man.

@Oct7Libra: We win as a team, we lose as a team and yes, our wrath were boiling given the performances you displayed but after its football. It happens week in week out.

@AdvocateBie: Don’t worry brother. l was also a goalkeeper and this things happen but it does not mean u are not good. Rise up and continue to shine.

@Nickmas10: Apology accepted mate. The mid was weak and defence left all those guys unmarked. Besides where’s the 4 goals we scored for you to apologise? You should improve on one touch Catch like what DRC keeper was doing that’s all.

@MASekgoka: Hope you learned from your mistakes, when you come back to PSL please stop your time wasting tactics. You are a good goalkeeper.

@halipedzisayi: It’s part of the game brother. Takarwadziwa ufunge but you were not the first and you will never be the last to make such mistake. Above all, we just saw the talent among our players. We hope some of you guys will be taken by even better clubs. H-Metro