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Family seeks well-wishers’ help after fire razes property

By Kudzai Chikiwa

A family from Bulawayo’s Nguboyenja suburb is appealing for help from well-wishers after losing property including identity particulars in a fire that was reportedly caused by an electric fault.

fireMrs Asalite Zulu (57), who is a tenant, said she suspects the fire was caused by an electric fault.

Mrs Zulu said she looks after three orphaned grandchildren and sometimes they go to school on empty stomachs.

She said after the fire incident, they were assisted by some neighbours with some pots as well as food which will not last for days.

“Everyone was out and children had gone to school when the incident occurred. I always make it a point to switch off the stove so l suspect the fault came from the refrigerator. Everything was burnt beyond recovery,” she said.

“We don’t have any source of income and even before the incident we have been struggling to put food on the table. I work hard for the sake of my grandchildren but this incident has hit me hard.

“I am appealing to well-wishers to donate anything even food, clothing and blankets because we are stuck in this cold winter.”

She said her grandchildren aged 17, 12 and 11 years sometimes go to school on empty stomachs because they cannot afford to buy food.

Mrs Zulu said her landlord who is based in Beitbridge said they will assist each other to raise funds to renovate the house.

“She is an understanding person who also does not earn much but she understood that the incident was not intentional and gave us a grace period to put things together.

“We still do not know where to start but we hope to come up with a plan,” she said.

Mrs Zulu said her phone was destroyed in the fire but she can be contacted on her sister Mrs Agnes Zulu’s number where donations can also be channelled to through Ecocash: 0775042812. The Chronicle