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‘He only wanted my money’

By Michael Mashiri

A local woman claiming to have been duped of US$800 has dragged her former partner to court.

rape victim file pictureGeorgia Mahere is demanding her money from Peter Dzama who she said also never revealed his health status to her.

“We failed to be in talking terms after Mr Dzama ran away,” said Mahere.

She felt that she had been shortchanged as she was the one that was used and is now suffering.

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“I think in this relationship he only wanted to benefit from me, since he later ran away,” she said.

Mahere demanded her US$800 back from Dzama which she claimed was money to help him with his chicken project.

“Your honour, l want my money which l gave to this man for his chicken project,” claimed Mahere.

However, Dzama refuted these allegations asking for evidence from Mahere, stating that she did not give him the money but she came into his life when he was already doing chicken business.

He also claimed that it was him who was giving her money to buy chickens when they had started seeing each other and what she only came up with were ideas

“She found me doing the chicken project already. I used to do it at home, but l later built a chicken house and this is when we started seeing each other.

“I gave her money to buy 100 chicks at some point. She did not contribute financially to the business, in short her contributions were only ideas,” he said.

Georgia Mahere told Peter Dzama that since he had refused to give her the money, he should never look for her in future.

“You should have given me my money, but you have refused, do not come looking for me in future,” she said.

The magistrate who presided over the issue advised Georgia Mahere who had cohabited for three years in Lusaka(Harare) with Peter Dzama that she should visit an appropriate court that deals with sharing of things since they had lived together for a long time.

“I think you came to the wrong court, since all that you had acquired should be shared and we do not deal with that. This is because you have been partners for long, you were like husband and wife,” she said. H-Metro