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Man divorces wife after stumbling upon juju

By Sukoluhle Ndlovu

A man from Whande Village under Chief Maziofa in Zvishavane is divorcing his wife after he stumbled on what he suspected to be juju in their bedroom hut.

Philemon Muzunye allegedly came across a bottle which was filled with an unknown substance, and had a piece of paper with his name on it.

The matter was heard when Muzunye’s wife Charmaine Zondo was summoned to Chief Maziofa’s traditional court following the incident.

Zondo told Chief Maziofa that she had to use juju as Muzunye was contemplating marrying a second wife.

“My husband was considering marrying a second wife and l didn’t want that. I was forced to consult a traditional healer who gave me a concoction to put under our bed with a piece of paper with his name written on it. I just could not imagine myself sharing him with another woman,” said Zondo.

Muzunye, however, said he could no longer continue staying with a woman who consulted a traditional healer behind his back.

“I really loved her that is why l told her that l wanted to marry a second wife. If it wasn’t for the love that l have for her, l was just going to leave her and stay with another woman. The fact that she can go and see a traditional healer without my knowledge shows that she is capable of doing anything. She is trying to use juju to tame me, but that will never work,” said Muzunye.

Chief Maziofa confirmed the incident saying he was still dealing with the matter.

“I am still dealing with the matter at the moment, we haven’t finalised it yet. I am hoping that we can still help the two to reconcile,” he said. B-Metro