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‘I chose to not follow a systematic way of living’

By Tariro Nyemba

Outspoken rapper Kikky Badass needs no introduction to Zim Hip Hop followers.

Kikky Badass
Kikky Badass

Known for her social media rants and wayward behaviour when under the influence of alcohol, the songbird still remains one of the finest artistes.

Born Christabel Mahlungwa, the Great Zimbabwe University student has a lot to share about her career.

H-Metro Entertainment reporter TAONGA NYEMBA (TN) spoke to KIKKY BADDASS (KB) who reflected on the path she has travelled so far. Read on…

TN: What was your inspiration to get into music?

KB: I didn’t get into music but I was born with it inside me.

TN: What made you decide to be a rapper?

KB: I’m an artiste, I can’t limit my potential by tying myself to one genre, but to answer your question, it’s something I’ve always been passionate about.

TN: Did you start as a rapper?

KB: I’ve always made music, singing, Liked art songs, rap. It’s always been about music.

TN: When can we look forward to something from you musically?

KB: Probably in June, I have really been tied down with school and personal stuff but, I’m done with exams and I’ll be back in the studio.

TN: How do you separate yourself from other artistes?

KB: I think what separates me is my personality, who I am, makes me create what I want and no one can do it better than me because there is only one me. That goes for every artiste.

TN: If you had to describe your music to a stranger outside Zimbabwe in three words, which ones would you select?

KB: I think I would say my music is gregarious, visionary and conscious.

TN: When will you say you have reached the peak of your career?

KB: Probably when I’m making money, I can’t account for on my own that’s when I can say I’m at the peak of my career.

TN: Is there any Zimbabwean artiste you would like to collaborate with in the future?

KB: Yes I would obviously want to work with Ammara, Tehn Diamond , Tamy, Lispy and Cindy they are forces to reckon with.

TN: So, who are your favourite musicians?

KB: My favorite musicians will have to be Hov , Black Thought , METHODMEN , Onika Maraj.

TN: What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

KB: Biggest misconception is that I am a very mean and aggressive person.

TN: Who influenced your style?

KB: My style is influenced by Cyndi Lauper, Onika Maraj and a hint of Tasha Cobbs sometimes.

TN: Who are your role models?

KB: My parents are my role models.

TN: What are your thoughts of the current state of the game?

KB: My thoughts are we are doing great, there has been a shift and it seems everyone is trying hard to bring out the best in their production and music videos.

TN: Do you do music for fun or livelihood?

KB: I do music because I’m passionate about it.

TN: How do you handle male predators, like those who offer gifts for something in return

KB: It’s pretty easy when you know your purpose. I don’t have to get things the easy way. Shortcuts have bigger consequences.

TN: Do you have a boyfriend?

KB: Right now, I do not have a boyfriend.

TN: How many albums and singles do you have to date?

KB: I have one Album which carries 12 songs, an EP with six songs, features with Trey Xl.

TN: How was your first studio experience?

KB: My first studio experience was with Bryce Nation I was 17, it was quite exciting but it sounded terrible.

TN: Besides music what else do you do?

KB: I’m currently in university studying sociology.

TN: What have you achieved through music; do you have any award?

KB: I have seven awards in total, two Zim hip hop awards that I won in 2017, two Changamire Awards (2018) for Best Female Glam Awards 2018 and two Changamire awards in 2019.

TN: Your fashion sense who does your wardrobe?

KB: I arrange my own wardrobe, but I have a friend of mine by the name Kuhle she helps too, ladies must inbox me I got her contact.

TN: How do you keep yourself fit?

KB: I’ve got good genes.

TN: Are you working on any new project?

KB: Yes, I’m working on a great project.

TN: What are your thoughts on the current state of the game here in Zimbabwe?

KB: I think Zim hip hop is doing well in our local industry but we can do better

TN: Which another female artiste do you think is doing well here in Zimbabwe?

KB: My sister from another mother AWA is doing quite well she represents Zimbabwe so yes; I say it’s her.

TN: You are seen as one controversial figure in Zim Showbiz, is controversy part of your way to market your music

KB: It’s not a way to market music, the media says what it wants whenever it wants, I have no control over that.

TN: Why are you perceived as controversial?

KB: If one deviates from what is considered “normal” they are labelled deviant, but is it deviance because I chose to not follow a systematic way of living? The answer is I don’t know why. Perceptions differ, I can’t answer for others.

TN: Give a special shout out.

KB: Shout out to Tehn Diamond , H3nry, Trey XL and everyone who believes in me, thank you.

TN: Thank for your time.

KB: You are welcome. H-Metro