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‘Diabetic’ conman exposed

. . . habitually fakes being conned

By Tariroyashe Goredema

The man who appeared in Monday’s issue as having been conned of money in a job deal has turned out to be the conman himself.

Lovemore Phiri (second from left) with Wadis and his associates
Lovemore Phiri (second from left) with Wadis and his associates

It has come to this publication’s attention that Lovemore Phiri uses the same modus operandi of feigning to have been conned while also hiding behind the chronic diabetic condition to get sympathy from people who then donate money and some goodies to him.

Phiri goes to an extent of making police reports that he had been conned so that he uses the report to show would be Good Samaritans.

In an interview, one Emmanuel Malvas who works around Kopje area said Phiri appeared at their workplace begging for a dash of sugar claiming he was diabetic and that his sugar level had risen due to stress.

“He came begging for sugar claiming that he was stressed, and he looked weak which seemed genuine and caught our attention as he explained his plight of being conned buy two men in the city centre.

“We consoled him as he had told us that he was duped by people who claimed to own a company which needed people to do contract work for a day and get paid US$100 per hour.

“He said that the offer was lucrative to deny and however ended up in him being duped of his possessions,” said Malvas.

This matter came to light after this publication received several calls from different people claiming to have met the same person performing the same act.

Another caller Tonderai Mandonye claimed that he knew Lovemore from Kwekwe as they were once neighbours stating that he was shocked when he saw his story in the paper.

“I know Lovemore from Kwekwe; we once stayed in the same neighbourhood but he is now staying in Mbare.

“I was shocked when I saw his story in the newspaper and knowing Lovemore I knew that he was not the victim and the fake address made it all clear that he was a con,” said Mandonye.

Martin Jonga the driver who was assigned to drop him off by his residence in Muzarabani said that he was paid by Phiri and dropped him in Mbare.

“I never took him to Muzarabani. I was also surprised when he asked me to drop him off in Mbare,” he said. H-Metro