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We are looked down upon – Mangwenya

By Rose Siduna

Versatile songbird Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange reckons that female artistes are not as popularly mentioned as their male counterparts in the music industry due to being stereotyped.

Songwriter and singer, Diana Samkange, aka Mangwenya
Songwriter and singer, Diana Samkange, aka Mangwenya

She said society believes male artistes are the only better performers and better crowd pullers and this has been a challenge for the female artistes for a while.

She said more awareness is needed to teach the society to also appreciate female artistes in the same way they do the male artistes.

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Mangwenya said female artistes also face a challenge of sex predators which most have fallen victim to.

“Many female musicians have fallen victim to sex predators but we should not as female musicians cry foul all the time.

“We should learn the principle of creating strong empires just like males and that way the opposite sex will not only respect but also appreciate us,” said MaNgwenya.

She added:

“Men like powerful and intelligent women who bring value to them.

“So if you are of no value then the little value you have will be taken away.

“Life is a jungle, either you hunt or you are hunted.”

Mangwenya revealed that her album titled Kumandinde is receiving positive response from the fans but it is facing a setback on the online distribution platform which they hoped to have rectified by month end.

She said her plan for the second half of the year is to do mentorship and charity work.

Since she has released a 2019 studio production, she said she will be performing on live shows locally and outside Africa.

The talented artiste said as a cultural advocate she is getting so much support from many people and she has managed to bring back the ancient ways in a more modern way.

She revealed that she is managing music, counselling and farming very well since she manages her time wisely. H-Metro