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Dairibord promise George Shaya a car

By Cloud Fusire

Dairibord Zimbabwe have pledged to help ailing Zimbabwean football legend, George “Mastermind” Shaya, by buying him a vehicle and paying part of his medical expenses.

Zimbabwean football legend, George “Mastermind” Shaya
Zimbabwean football legend, George “Mastermind” Shaya

The Zimbabwe Football Legends yesterday paid a courtesy call to Dairibord Zimbabwe where they thanked the company for helping Shaya when his right leg was amputated.

Speaking at a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, Dairibord Zimbabwe chief executive Anthony Mandiwanza said his company will buy a vehicle for Shaya.

The former referee promised to pay part of Shaya’s medical bills and donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Zimbabwe Football Legends.

“We have a role to play as a corporate and that is to remember our own people and it is something expected of all corporates and citizens that we rise to the occasion in order to alleviate the difficulties, especially related to our football legends,’’ said Mandiwanza.

“We know that we cannot give them all that they might need but we hope that the little we are giving (them) will help in transforming their lives.

“George Shaya contributed to the transformation of our football as a country. But, after the amputation of his leg, we know it has been difficult for him to travel or move around town to even see his relatives and friends.

“We are going to buy him a car that he can use to commute wherever he would want to go and we are also going to continue helping in paying part of his medical expenses.

“We do not want to see him struggling, but we want him to continue enjoying his life without any hindrances.’’

He also said they need to set up a Trust Fund that will look after former footballers’ welfare.

“We are not doing enough to remember them and we would like to see, going forward, more sustainable institutions are put in place that will look into the welfare of our football legends.

“We appreciate the good job that Charlie Jones is doing on behalf of the other legends who are not present.

“We will make a donation to the Legends Association that will help our legends who might be in the same fate,” said Mandiwanza. The Herald