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Nyoni: CAPS will bounce back

By Snodia Mikiri

CAPS United winger Gabriel Nyoni said it’s too early to press the panic button after their 3-1 defeat to Herentals on Saturday.

Gabriel Nyoni turning out for CAPS United
Gabriel Nyoni turning out for CAPS United

Nyoni, he said CAPS will bounce back to winning ways.

Makepekepe had an impressive start to the campaign which saw them being tipped for the championship.

They have failed to collect points from their last two games having defeated by Chicken Inn 3-1 before Saturday’s loss.

“There is no need to panic, we will find our winning form soon. Its natural teams lose form, it’s part of the game.

“We have only gone for two games without a point but we are still very much in the title race.

“After all we have the same points the log leaders have. We cannot say we are lacking something, it’s a phase.

“Soon we will pass this phase,” said Nyoni.

Unlike Ngezi who went for fourteen games without a defeat last season, all the teams in the top-flight have suffered defeats more than twice after 11 matches.

Nyoni said they need to work and as a team and get out of the mess to get back their winning formula.

“We are CAPS United, we have to always stay united, especially now.

“We need people who are optimistic not people who only thinks the worst for us, one thing for sure is we will bounce back, bigger and better.

“There is no team that has won the league without testing defeat, these moments are key they push you to the limits and make you stronger.

“We started as the good team and we can’t wake up and be the worst team over night, we still have it, we will prove it to all who are doubting us now,” added Nyoni.

CAPS have conceded six times in their last two outings, while scoring twice which is a worrisome conversion record.

Nyoni said the whole team need to improve for them to start winning games again.

“There is no department that I can point that is under performing.

“The whole team needs to improve. All areas need improvement. We defend and attack as a team.

“We all need to improve as individuals as well, we need to remember who we are and our purposes,” he said. H-Metro