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Enzo Ishall gets bullet proof vest?

Most sought after Zimdancehall chanter Enzo Ishall, who was attacked by a mob in Harare on Friday night, seems to have tightened his security as he was spotted wearing what seemed like a bullet proof vest at his show in South Africa this past weekend.

Enzo Ishall wearing a bullet proof vest
Enzo Ishall wearing a bullet proof vest

According to our sister newspaper, H-Metro, the Kanjiva hit-maker was assaulted by a mob of five men in Sunningdale. Apparently, the men had requested to take a selfie (picture) with him.

When he got out of his car – a Mercedes Benz which he recently bought, to take the pictures, the gang instead pounced on him and left him for dead. They also stoned his car and damaged his windscreen.

As a result of this incident that traumatised the artiste, Enzo, who is on tour for the next two weeks, took to the stage in Pretoria, South Africa on Sunday dressed in a bib that resembled that of a bullet proof.

While others felt it was a fashion statement, some were convinced that it was a real bullet proof vest, especially considering that South Africa is on record for crimes involving guns.

With his unexpected attack in Harare, most felt that he needed protection from fans and wearing a bullet proof was the best way to go until the perpetrators are brought to book.

Commenting on a picture of him in the vest seated next to Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe, one fan wrote: “kkk Enzo, you’re now wearing a bullet proof vest while Chatunga (son of former President Robert Mugabe) isn’t wearing one.”

“With that bullet proof on, haters will not attack you, never,” wrote Carol Fishto.

Another, Shuewil quizzed if the situation was that bad for him to wear a bullet proof vest.

“Ayikazve zvatosvika pakupfeka bullet proof?”

Efforts to contact the chanter to ask why he was wearing a bullet proof vest were fruitless as he was unreachable.

The musician is now headed to the UK for his maiden tour there on Saturday in Leicester. The Chronicle