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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: Hatred is bad guide to policy!

By Professor Ken Mufuka

An idiom is an idiosyncratic expression which expresses the wisdom of a group gathered over a period of human experience. Thus the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King is credited with fashioning this idiom. Hate is too much of a burden to carry. It hurts the carrier more than its target.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

In this letter, I will stick to the hatred of US President Donald Trump by that part of the elite class (the ruling class) embedded in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and sister intelligence organizations.

Let us say at the beginning that Trump is a hateable person. He uses dirty language in public, is uncouth, follows no rules of etiquette and has exposed the charades perpetuated by the elites. The elites passed laws which undermined the industrial base of the US and favored export of basic industries like steal and textiles to China and Mexico.

Having said that, the main cause for hatred between former President Barak Obama and Trump was the accusation by Trump that Obama was a Kenyan and not an American. In fact, the story that Obama was “exotic” originated in the Hillary Clinton camp.

Facts do not matter.

Obama bureaucrats, based in the FBI, took it upon themselves to thwart Trump’s candidacy and if he won the election, to get him removed from office by any means necessary.

Writing in the New York Times, former FBI Director James Comey says that Trump “is a liar who does not care what damage he does to institutions. We must call out his lies that the FBI was corrupt and committed treason that we spied on the Trump campaign and tried to defeat Donald Trump.”

Unfortunately, everything he denies having done, above, is exactly what happened. He and his coterie of elites, and his language prove the case, hated Trump so much they tried to interrupt his campaign.

Case number one is as follows. In April 2016, Comey was informed that the Russians had collected some damaging information on Ms Hillary and that they would release that information through Wikileaks.

Comey then concocted a story that the Russians were in “collusion” with Trump. Comey forgets to tell the story that it was Ms Hillary, through her lawyers, who hired a British scoundrel, Christopher Steele, to do smear research on Trump. The research was so sloppy that when exposed, it became the basis of a scandal.

First, spellings were confused. Trump attorney Michael Cohen (was spelt as Cowan) was never in Prague and did not meet Russians there. In any case Trump had legitimate business dealings about building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Ms Hillary paid for this “dossier” which “dossier” was sued by the FBI to get a spy warrant against Trump.

Comey and four others in the senior service officer corps of the FBI knew the “dossier” was concocted and yet they used it four times. The very first sentence in the “dossier” says that this information is true, correct and verified according to the best of officer’s knowledge.

Comey tried to black mail Trump by revealing the contents of the “dossier” I an attempt to keep his job. Indeed there was a plot to interrupt Trump’s campaign.

Comey’s right hand man, Peter Strzok wrote words to that effect to his girl friend. And worse, he intimated that if Ms. Hillary did not get 100 million votes to one for Trump, he had set in place an insurance policy for Trump’s impeachment.

Treasonable evidence is scattered everywhere, an impropriety originating from the malefactors’ assurance that Trump would lose. Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered to wear an audio and trap Trump into saying something that would prove that he was unfit for office.

After 22 months of investigation, 2,800 subpoenas, use of 40 FBI agents, “Special Counsel did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone else associated with it, conspired or coordinated with Russian government in these effort, despite multiple offers from Russian affiliated individuals.”

If Comey and his cohorts were without bias, they would have come to that conclusion during the election.

Today as we went to press, Mueller, Comey’s boss at the FBI some years back, held a press conference in which he might have given hope to his former colleague. True, there was no provable collusion between Russia and the Trump organization, but Trump could have broken some laws.

“If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” He told the press conference.

What crime did Trump commit?

Maybe he obstructed justice. Oh, maybe he did not pay his taxes. Oh, maybe he committed perjury.

I have not met any reasonable person who believes that Congressional inquiries into Trump affairs have anything to do with crime. His crime is that he won the election against the wishes of Ms. Hillary and Obama. They will not rest until he is dragged from the White House in chains and thrown into prison.

It does not matter that the Russian collusion was all made up by Ms. Hillary. Her supporters keep on making up “stuff” in the hope that Trump will fall sick, drop out and leave office, by al means necessary.

The election of President Donald Trump was unprecedented because he had never run for any elective office in his entire 70 year life. To rub salt to the wound, he was New Yorker, loud-mouthed billionaire, with no friends in the political class which he wanted to overthrow.

Trump’s manager, Paul Manafort did not co-operate. A posse of 27 troopers, armed with bazooka’s, made an early morning raid on his house. His blind wife was found almost in a state of undress. Montfort’s suits were loaded as evidence.  His crime was tax avoidance.

Faced by a night raid, his books seized, Trump’s cowardly attorney, Michael Cohen, succumbed. His license to practice law has been withdrawn. Trump had paid $1.6 million for his legal fees. Attorney client privilege was thrown to the pigs.

Cohen, on the basis of secret promises of mercy, was brought before Congress.

“Donald Trump is a conman, a racist and a cheat.” He told a Congressional committee. His crime is lying and paying off two of Trump sexual partners.

Cohen has been allowed to stay out of jail until May 1st, 2019.

Republican support for Trump is at 86 percent. There is no challenger and re-election is a possibility.

Verily, hate is more injurious to its carrier than to its target.