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The lessons in your storm: Yaya Rudo

By Yaya Rudo

Every husband, every wife looks good during the honeymoon period (I hope we all try).

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

The honeymoon is a bubble; the real test is when we put them back in society to relate with stubborn children, nagging in-laws, unpaid bills, ungrateful self righteous family members and Mr Know-It-All bosses.

Only then, can we explore the character of a man or woman. Storms maketh the man !

We get it! Life has thrown lemons at you, but what are your lemons teaching you? There are always lessons in every storm and challenge we face.

I will be the first one to admit that, I have not always been able to learn and grow during my storms let alone start making Lemonade. I spent too much time crying, blaming everyone and refusing to take responsibility, so for years I missed out on the opportunity to learn in a storm.

The good news is now I am playing catch-up!

Lemonade Makers have to be willing to learn. We need to learn to step back a bit from the storm in order to identify the lessons in the storms we find ourselves in. The thing with learning is you have to want to learn.

You may go to the best schools in the world but come back the same. In order to learn you have to acknowledge that you do not know everything – learning is about accepting knowledge gaps, so learning does NOT happen without humility.

At this point, please take a moment to objectively analyze your storm. Can you now see the lessons behind the lemons that have been thrown at you?

Is it possible that the lemons you are facing are trying to teach you basics like unconditional love, patience, acceptance, generosity, resilience or forgiveness? When we learn some of these traits we become teachable with or without lemons being thrown at us.

Some storm lessons are not so obvious; they require you to unlearn certain habits and characteristics first before taking in new ideas or skills. There are often some economic lessons too from our storms.

Your lemons may be reminding you that you need to finish that diploma, that course, to make yourself marketable. Maybe the lesson is that you are a potential employer it is time to finish that proposal or start that project.

It could be that your lemons are a reminder that you are the head and not the tail, yet you spent too much time chasing tail stuff – cut it out.

There are some skills that we only learn in tough seasons. Some of my most creative projects came about because I was broke, I would never have been that creative with a happy bank account.

When things are going our way it is easy to show the fruit of the spirit. When our relationships are peaceful, kids are behaving well and our bank balances are looking pretty-anyone can be generous, patient, kind and true.

I can do that too. What is so special about giving when you have plenty? Nothing special in being patient when you have nothing pressing you for time. If we are able to do that which is right during our own storms and lack- we have grown as a generation.

Let us take one last look at the storm you are facing. Do you see any obvious or hidden lessons? Remember, storms are part of life, lemons get thrown at us at some point, and it is part of life.

We need to come out stronger than before the storm. I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who are open to learning and unlearning.

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