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MisRed enters dirty thirties… She wants to be a media mogul

By Tonderai Zvimba

RADIO and television personality MisRed is turning 30 today. She enters the ‘dirty 30s’ with a clear goal – to become a media mogul.

Samantha Mussa a.k.a MisRed
Samantha Mussa a.k.a MisRed

Even though the ZiFM Stereo drive time radio host is one of the most thriving media personalities in Zimbabwe, she says she is still far from reaching her intended goal of becoming a huge media mogul.

In an exclusive interview, MisRed (real name Samantha Mussa) said: “My wish for my next chapter is that I realise my goal which is to become a media mogul. I really believe now is the time for Africa and I want to include my voice in the African Narrative.

“This year, I’ll be introducing fully, my media company which will amplify my next chapter with regards to where I want to go. I’m a very ambitious person and I want to be part of the Zimbabwean story being told accurately. The Zimbabwean media is interesting in that it’s still emerging so there are numerous gaps for everyone to fit into”.

In the next five years, MisRed, a mother of two beautiful girls, said she does not see herself doing radio full time.

“I don’t see myself doing daytime radio in the future. Maybe I’ll do other shows outside prime time because I love the medium so much. Life is a cycle and there’s still so much more to be done, not just in radio, but all over the media space,” she explained.


On her 30th birthday, MisRed, who hosted this year’s edition of the National Arts Merit Awards, said she feels she is behind on a lot of goals she wants to achieve in life.

“As I turn 30, I think I’m behind on a lot of goals, but I’m thankful for all the doors that have been opened and opportunities that have been put before me to thrive in my career! I take nothing for granted because I know it can only be a higher power that has gotten me to this stage.”

Turning to her children, MisRed said it was disheartening that they have to pay for her sins.

“As a single mother, it breaks my heart that my children take the biggest sacrifice for my being MisRed. I’ve made so many mistakes, lost friends in the process and gone through depression, but like any other human being, I’m a work in progress.”

In her career, MisRed has been a victim of cyber bullying and body shaming. She said she has since learnt to overcome these challenges.

“It’s difficult to be honest, but I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt and drinking champagne in the process so I don’t go crazy. You also have to be very respectful in your responses online and give love when hate is thrown at you.”


It has not been all gloomy as she has, in the process, touched many lives, especially those of the girl child. At the just ended ZITF in Bulawayo, some females were captured crying upon seeing MisRed.

Asked why they were crying, she said: “It happens often but it’s really because we share pain and love as the Rednation (fans of MisRed). It’s extremely humbling that I have such a huge effect and touch lives.”

Interestingly, MisRed said many people do not perceive her as a believer but she is a church girl who finds solace in God.

MisRed and Jah Prayzah on the KuneRima video set
MisRed and Jah Prayzah on the KuneRima video set

“I’m a very prayerful person contrary to public perception. I find solace in God and I call myself an explicit ‘Jesus Girl’. MisRed has a greater calling beyond herself and that reminder keeps me going.

“I want to be an influence on my generation and leave a legacy for my children. This is what motivates everything I do,” she said.

This year, MisRed showed her other talent when she featured in Jah Prayzah’s Kunerima music video. She said being featured in a video which has been viewed over a million times was one of the biggest highlights of her career.

“I’m grateful to Jah Prayzah and his team for including me in their vision. More than anything, it was a lot of fun. It’s sort of crazy now because sometimes I walk into places and they start playing Kunerima. I just laugh but it’s interesting,” said MisRed. The Chronicle