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Graves scam: cemetery supervisor resigns

By Abel Zhakata

A supervisor at Yeovil Cemetery in Mutare has resigned following the recent unearthing of a shocking scandal at the burial ground in which several bereaved families were allegedly duped thousands of dollars by unscrupulous council workers who sold them graves at exorbitant rates.

Mutare Town Clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa
Mutare Town Clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa

Town Clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa said Ananias Chikateka tendered his resignation in the wake of the probe.

“He has resigned from work. We are not going to stop our investigations because we want to get to the bottom of this rot,” he said.

Officially, the main Yeovil Cemetery is considered fully occupied but mourners with fat pockets were being asked to fork out up to $3 000 to have their departed one’s laid to rest at the exquisite graveyard.

After greasing the palms of undertakers and administrators, graves were dug out in carefully left out portions of the yard and the burials were done clandestinely.

To hide the vice, another grave is selected and paid for to council outside the main cemetery at very low rates which will be simultaneously filled up at the same time the actual burial will be taking place in the prime graveyard.

In council records, the deceased is said to be buried outside the main cemetery.

The grave that was filled up with no corpse will be dug up again and sold to another family and the money pocketed once again. Manica Post

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