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Great Zimbabwe University fails to pay lecturers

By Thobekile Khumalo

Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo has come under fire for failing to pay part-time lecturers’ salaries since last year.

Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo
Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo

Some of the affected lecturers told Sunday News that the university has paid part time lecturers lecturing in one department where one of them has a relative.

“Ideally we are paid from the students’ fees, but we have not been paid for many semesters. Students cannot access their results before paying so it means most paid but we are surprised that the university has failed to pay us.

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“Last year we got paid for January lectures in December but unlike last year with these inflationary pressures imagine being paid in December after working in January, it is not fair,” said one of the lecturers who requested anonymity.

“We once approached the salaries department and they confirmed that our claim forms are there but they are only waiting for authorisation from the bosses but we wonder why they are not authorising the payments when we worked.”

GZU Lecturers Union president Mr Givewell Munyaradzi confirmed there has been a delay in the payment of salaries for part time lecturers.

“At the moment I am not in Masvingo but what I can confirm is that the university has not been paying some of its part-time lecturers,” said Mr Munyaradzi.

GZU spokesman GZU Mr Anderson Chipatiso, however, said the university was paying its workers on time.

“There is no discrimination when it comes to the payment of salaries, all employees are getting their salaries on the 25th of every month.

“If there are any disgruntled lecturers they are encouraged to use the internal grievances handling system which always yields results,” said Mr Chipatiso. Sunday News