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Former publicist Mutamba says Oliver Mtukudzi will vindicates his controversial book

By Staff Reporter

Oliver Mtukudzi’s long-time publicist and veteran journalist, Shepherd Mutamba, has claimed that the late stars final will which gave all the immovable property to his surviving spouse Daisy Mtukudzi, leaving out all his children, vindicates what he published in his book “Tuku Backstage”.

Tuku Backstage (Second Edition)
Tuku Backstage (Second Edition)

Mutamba gave an interview to Zimbabwe’s independently owned Daily News newspaper and said;

“I was certain in the book that Tuku wouldn’t bequeath anything to Sandra and Selmor because I was an insider and knew what was going on deep down in his family.

“I sat next to Tuku in the meetings where he met other peacemakers to discuss his issues with his daughters and the intense dislike that time that he showed for his two daughters didn’t leave me with any doubt that if he died, he wouldn’t include them in his will.

“You don’t bequeath anything to those you dislike, do you? In one meeting, with a girl child NGO, Tuku recorded everything on his tape recorder and he was saying that his wealth was his and for his wife Daisy alone.

“He had so much hatred for his daughters that it would bring even Satan to tears. But if his son Sam was alive I bet he would have helped ease the tension. That boy was ahead of his time.”
Mtukudzi’s union with Daisy produced Samantha who was born in 1982. 

“I would bet my last dollar that Tuku does not bequeath anything in his will to either Selmor and Sandra, not even a single penny or morsel. Daisy is getting everything, totally.”

In the book Mtukudzi is quoted saying his property is his and his wife (Daisy) and that his children have to work for their own. “I am 60 and I don’t have time…maybe just three more years and I am gone. So these girls should leave me to enjoy the time that I have with my wife.”

Mutamba told the Daily News “While a number of sources could not openly speak, Tuku urged me to still write the book. The book comprises my memos, two years of wide-ranging interviews with his close families and the star himself.”