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Your Health is still your Wealth – Lemonade Makers with Yaya Rudo

By Yaya Rudo

Lemonade making is tough when your health is failing. As a lemonade maker your health is your greatest wealth. All the plans to turn things around become secondary when your health is in trouble. It is important to remember that we need to be well to be effective.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

It is even more important to pay attention to our health and wellness when lemons have been thrown at us. It has been proven over and over that when under stress for long periods, our health is compromised -we therefore have to be deliberate about staying physically and spiritually healthy.

It is unfortunate that when it comes to health and wellness we seem to be reactive more often than being proactive. Far too often we only start watching what we eat when the doctor says something about our insulin or blood pressure. We start cutting out certain foods because the doctor is not happy with our heart health or a malfunctioning thyroid.

It is good that we follow doctors’ orders but we need to move to the next level of health and wellness awareness. We need to take back control and start eating right and exercising because it’s good for our wellness .If you can afford a routine medical check up go for it do not wait until something feels sore . 

Almost every other person I run into at church, at a party or soccer match is studying towards some certificate or trying to sign up for some self development short course. We have a sound appreciation of the role of education in breaking the chain of poverty .We have done very well as a generation in that regard – well done. 

Our problem is however still around health and wellness matters. It is the area we seem to sacrifice without even thinking about it. It is just not a high priority area unless something hurts. Just look around you , we would rather use the little extra cash we have on a pair of shoes , hair or top notch whisky than an annual check up at the doctor . We need to start with what matters most.

Regardless of what I am teaching about, I take every opportunity to strategically go off topic and talk about health and wellness matters because I believe it is a foundation we need to get right.  Health and wellness go beyond signing up with a reputable medical aid – it is about life style changes , it is about acquiring new habits that keep you healthy and energized , health and wellness is supposed to be up there with what we think is important  . 

We must always remember that wealth creation and getting more diplomas are only appreciated when we have good health – the wealth is of no use when you can no longer go up stairs unaided, the extra degree is of no use when you can no longer drive the fancy car to the mall or read the newspaper without strain. You also need to be physically and emotionally fit to stand some of the storms that life throws at you. 

Real Lemonade Makers value health and wellness -I am not saying go and sign up for the New York marathon or the Comrades Marathon. No need to sign up with a gym either it may be too costly and it may discourage you –   I am encouraging you to take small steps and invest in your health. Do everyday things consistently .Take walks in your neighbourhood, in the estate where you live and jog to the shops.

Instead of the 4 teaspoons of sugar in your tea, how about reducing them to 2. Six slices of bread for breakfast daily may be too much, try to reduce them to 4 until you get to 2. Brown bread instead of white.30 sit-ups a day may not sound like much but that is 210 a week over 10 000 sit-ups a year. Your heart will thank you for it to say nothing about your waistline. Cook right, eat right drink water, close your eyes and eat those fruits and vegetables.  Stay active hey, your mental health matters, seek help talk to someone do not suffer in silence. 

Lemonade Makers know the true value of health and wellness – it is real wealth. I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who are willing to invest time and effort in to Health and Wellness matters.  Small steps first, let’s go lemonade Makers.

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