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Serial goat thief nabbed at roadblock

By Michelle Gwizi

A 26 year old man from Insuza was recently arrested at a roadblock for allegedly stealing seven goats from two women.

Andrew Nkomo appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi who remanded him in custody to May 10 for trial, he pleaded not guilty to stock theft.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said on March 30 this year at around 11.30PM, Nkomo went to Ms Veronica Nleya’s homestead and allegedly stole one goat, slaughtered it and went away unnoticed.

The court heard that footprints were seen at the scene leading to his homestead.

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“On the period extending from April 5 to April 6 this year, Nkomo stole another goat from Ms Nleya, slaughtered it and went away unnoticed with the carcass but leaving the head, offals and hide at the scene,” said Mr Mageza.

The court heard that Nkomo stole two more goats from Ms Nleya on April 7 and another one on April 16.

“On April 10 Nkomo allegedly stole two goats from Ms Apolonia Ndiweni (84) of Insuza. He slaughtered them and went away unnoticed.

“Police laid an ambush at the two complainants’ homesteads for some days anticipating that Nkomo would once more come to steal. When he appeared at Ms Ndiweni’s goat pen on April 16, the police ambushed him but he managed to escape,” he said.

“The next day Nkomo allegedly stole from Mr Mhlalelwa Mkhwananzi after he left for work leaving no one at his homestead. Nkomo went to Mr Mkhwananzi’s homestead and broke the padlock, gained entry into his bedroom, stole a black bag, a comforter and went away.”

On the same day, Nkomo was arrested at a roadblock and he was found with some of the property he had stolen from Mr Mkhwananzi. The Chronicle