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Nomgcobo Jiba’s plea to Ramaphosa: ‘Removing me will harm my family’


Johannesburg – In her submission to President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the damning Mokgoro report, the now axed deputy national director of public prosecutions (DNDPP) Nomgcobo Jiba pleaded with Ramaphosa to give her a senior position in government instead of leaving her unemployed.

Nomgcobo Jiba
Nomgcobo Jiba

The Presidency on Friday released Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi’s representations to Ramaphosa on the adverse Mokgoro findings.

Jiba said she was an experienced prosecutor who’s institutional knowledge was needed in the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and that she should be reinstated to her post.

She said she has three children who still attended school, an 85-year-old mother she cares for and does not want to be part of the “high unemployment statistics” in the country.

“My removal from office would cause undue harm to my family. With the high unemployment rate in the country, I do not want to be made part of that by our government.

“I humbly submit that the president should not accept and implement the findings and recommendations of the Mokgoro Inquiry to remove me from office as DNDPP,” Jiba said.

“In the event that the president is not persuaded to accept this request, I humbly request a transfer within the public service post commensurate with my position as DNDPP.”

An inquiry chaired by retired Justice Yvonne Mokgoro heard damning evidence against the two state lawyers who were suspended six months ago.

Earlier this month, having received the final report, Ramaphosa sent it to Jiba and Mrwebi, asking them to respond to the findings in a form of representations.

In her report that has since been leaked, Mokgoro said the NPA Act makes it clear that interference with the work of the prosecutions authority is a crime. She said Jiba and Mrwebi were not fit to hold office and recommended to Ramaphosa that he remove the pair as deputy national director of public prosecutions (NDPP) and special director of public prosecutions respectively.

Their tenure at the NPA was characterised by failure to diligently exercise their duties, incompetence and lack of integrity while compromising the independence of the NPA, said Mokgoro.

Both were found to have failed to comply with court processes.

Ramaphosa fired the two state lawyers as recommended by Mokgoro. His spokeswoman Khusela Diko said Jiba and Mrwebi were informed of the decision on Thursday.

“In compliance with Section 12(6) of the NPA Act, the president will furnish Parliament with documentation comprising his decision as communicated to Jiba and Mrwebi; the report of the enquiry which serves as the basis for the President’s decision and the submissions made by both advocates in response to the report,” said Diko. African News Agency (ANA)