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Lloyd Mwanawashe: Our Dreams as a Nation my First Priority in life : The Reason why I support Nelson Chamisa and Job Sikhala

By Lloyd Mwanawashe

Colleagues and friends have been asking me the reasons for my enthusiastic and fanatical support for President Nelson Chamisa. Although I have been a member of the MDC since my University days and happened to hold a party position at Provincial level, many people wondered on my sudden turn into a fanatical political animal after the ascension of President Nelson Chamisa to the helm of the MDC after the demise of our icon Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa addresses a media conference at the party headquarters in Harare, Saturday, Aug, 25, 2018. Chamisa said he respectfully rejects the court ruling upholding President Emmerson Mnangagwas narrow election win. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa addresses a media conference at the party headquarters in Harare, Saturday, Aug, 25, 2018. Chamisa said he respectfully rejects the court ruling upholding President Emmerson Mnangagwas narrow election win. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

President Chamisa made me to dream again. I am a young modern world person in the field of finance. I joined the financial field after my graduation from the University. I am a holder of Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Psychology degree from the University of Zimbabwe, Bachelors of Commerce (Hons) University of South Africa and a Telecommunications Advanced Diploma from City and Guilds of London. I am currently a third year Law student with the University of South Africa. This made me to ponder the future of myself and my two little children.

President Chamisa brought to the core, the debate around a modern 21st century State. A state equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure which the old generation can not understand. To them it is an impossibility. Modern young States like South Korea, Rwanda, Taiwan, Norway and many others live the dream of their leaders.

Here is a leader who hold and has a dream for a modern Zimbabwe. No iota of doubt in me that everything which our President correctly articulated during his campaign is the foundation of a modern State which we must all share as a dream.

President Chamisa needs a solid team of sophisticated modern thinkers as we are going towards our congress. People who share dreams of a modern state. Those whose construct is based on the sophisticated world of today.

So impressed is me with how Job Wiwa Sikhala has graduated from a stone throwing and choir politician to a sophisticated thinker. In Wiwa not only does he possess bravery as testified by his bravery on the battle front during the formative stages of the MDC.

Just to recap, he is the man hand in gloves with Elliot Pfebve who invaded Mashonaland Central province in 2000, when it was declared a no go area for MDC. He bravely commandeered the MDC troops into Mt. Darwin and Rushinga and had one of the greatest incursions and battle fight against the Savior Kasukuwere and Border Gezi ZANU PF led terrorists until the intervention of the army. Perence Shiri had to rush with the helicopters to extinguish the fire.

Outspoken opposition MDC MP and lawyer Job Sikhala

In the 2001 Bikita West by election Wiwa demonstrated that he is a soldier of modern warfare. Against the armed War Veterans under the command of Chenjerai Hunzvi, Wiwa led a group of about 1000 MDC Youths that were being led by our President Nelson Chamisa to thwart the Chenjerai Hunzvi aggression.

Wiwa together with President Chamisa led one of the greatest resistance fight against ZANU PF thugs and drove Hunzvi and his thugs out of Bikita. Embarrassed by that defeat ZANU PF and the War Veterans came back to Harare to mobilise for reinforcements.

Wiwa understanding the terrain of Bikita just went into the mountains with the youths and intensified the Bikita West crises. Even today, Bikita West as my home area, this battle is still the legend in the villages. No village chat can end without someone referring to that gigantic fight of the decade.

During the Marondera West by election of 2000, War Veterans who were the machinery of the ZANU PF system sealed off the constituency from the MDC. They camped at Landas Turnoff, Landas, Mahusekwa and Beatrice. Wiwa and our youthful white guy Tawanda Spicer plotted how to invade Marondera West. Encouraged by the late President Tsvangirai in few minutes Wiwa and Spicer mobilised more than a thousand youths to go and liberate Marondera West.

A convoy of a car Rally was organized. Stretching over a distance of 20 kms Wiwa used a Nissan Sun box of the late Remus Makuvaza to be on the front of the convoy. Arriving at Landas turn off War veterans had mounted a road block asking anyone who wanted to go to Landas to produce their national identity cards, the purpose of the visit and some strange questions.

When they saw a convoy full of agitated youths they panicked in their few numbers. They ran away from the road block they created. Wiwa and the team crossed to Mahusekwa were the really battle took place. Finding another roadblock just before Mahusekwa with about 30 War veterans who vowed that no one will cross as it was the red line, Wiwa came out of his vehicle and started singing and asked the youth to follow him as he was crossing the road block on foot.

The war veterans were just left standing akimbo when everyone crossed the so called red line. The team ended up holding a Rally at Mahusekwa Growth Point with terrified citizenry listening from the Shop verandas.

This is Wiwa for you. I can go on and on and can finish a thousand pages explaining the warrior in this guy. Wiwa is now a combination of radicalism and intellectual prowess. He is a man who can be trusted with leadership task to be the most valuable asset around our President. He is a man who can be put on an international platform and articulate the party position without fear.

He inspires confidence in international relations, when he speaks the audience listens and trust in the substance of his speech. He is no paper tiger full of empty threats. He is a doer. His legal background now has molded him into a modern technocrat. He inspires hope in some of us that he can help our party to foster strategies to grab power from the ZANU PF hegemony.

The MDC family needs deep thinking. Either to throw away the talent it possesses or not. We have been given an opportunity to build our party. President Chamisa needs people like Wiwa around him to realize the Zimbabwe dream we all share.